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umi shoes giveaway

Umi Shoes Giveaway!

Umi makes high quality, comfortable, and stylish children’s shoes that last, and we’re giving away 3 $60 gift certificates to 3 lucky winners! Olive has been wearing the Cora sandal since the weather turned warmer. The best part is that it looks like it has a hook and loop strap closure, but there is actually velcro […]

Flashback Friday

As Charlie and Olive get older, I have more and more fun spending time with them. When they were younger I would get wiped out from a weekend of activities and look forward to Mondays when they would be back in daycare. Now I always look forward to the weekends and wish they wouldn’t end! […]


Would You Wear a Visor?

When I was in LA recently, I wore one of my mom’s many visors when I was out walking their dog or at the beach. Asian women love huge, oversized, uv-protecting visors because they take their sun protection seriously. I’d deemed them too uncool to wear, but they did such a great job of keeping the sun off […]

two tiny babies

Surviving the First Trimester

Two days after my BFP I went in for my first beta. I knew that my doctor liked to see the first number over 50, and I was incredibly anxious to know what mine was. I went to the clinic as early as possible hoping that would help me get my results faster. The day […]


Thematic Book Round-up: The Moon

My three year old loves the moon. He has to point it out everyday, say goodnight to it, and is sad when there is a new moon. One thing my mom did while she was homeschooling us was play into our interests to encourage learning and education. I’m trying to take the same approach with J […]


Practical Life at 27 Months

I am completely flabbergasted at the fact that I wrote this post about what we were up to in the realm of Practical Life an entire year ago! I thought I should update the hive with how things are going, and what’s up next for Little Lion! I wrote last time that one of the […]


Decorating a Nursery on a Budget

When I found out I was pregnant with a little boy, Pinterest-worthy nursery ideas flooded my head. Unfortunately, along with those picture-perfect nurseries come sky-high price tags…and we weren’t prepared to spend all of our savings just decking out a room for Baby Oats. So, while I continued to browse Pinterest for inspiration, I began […]

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