There are so many more options available for natural kids’ products now than there were just a couple of years ago. While I’m not as stringent when it comes to my own products (I’ve tried many natural conditioners and my hair needs those chemicals!), I do think a lot more about what I put on the kids, especially because Charlie has eczema flare-ups, and I get severe outbreaks. We’ve tried a lot of different brands over the years that have worked for us, and now I usually purchase whatever is the most affordable among my favorite natural brands.

natural children's bath products

California Baby 
Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash $24.77/19oz – EWG Score:1
Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath $16.63/13 oz – EWG Score: 1
Calendula Everyday Lotion $15.73/6.5 oz – EWG Score: 1

Like many families California Baby was the first baby shampoo we purchased, and we used it for several years. We’ve used both the unscented and calming versions and it’s also great for adults! Overall it’s a great line and used to offer a great deal on 2 bottles that they no longer do. With two kids we went through it so fast though and the body wash was so pricey, I started looking for other options. I also never loved the lotion because it was a little thin in consistency, especially for the cold New York winters.


Earth Mama Angel Baby
Body Wash & Shampoo $25.79/34 oz – EWG Score: 0
Angel Baby Lotion $11.59/8oz – EWG Score: 0

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products are some of the most natural on the market, and almost all their products score a 0 on the EWG website. We’re currently using the Body Wash & Shampoo which I love because it comes in a big bottle with a pump, and it’s foaming. I have an obsession with foaming soaps! At $25.79 for 34oz, it’s the most affordable baby wash on this list. The lotion smells a little strong, but still good.

Nature’s Baby Organics
Shampoo & Body Wash $31.75/32 oz – EWG Score: 1
Conditioner $26.92/32 oz – EWG Score: 1
Bubble Bath $9.74/12 oz – EWG Score: 1
Lotion $17.92/16oz – EWG Score: 1
Baby Oil $16.42/8oz
Eucalyptus Rub $7.99/2oz – EWG Score: 1

We’ve been using the Nature’s Baby Organics Line conditioner because we go through a lot of it for Olive’s tangled hair! We use Amazon Subscribe and Save, so we get 15% off and the body wash comes down to $26.99/32oz and the conditioner comes down to $22.89/32 oz. They have a lot of other products that I’m interested in trying. I’ve been in the market for a bubble bath since the California Baby one is so pricey, and I think I’m going to try Nature’s Baby. And in the winter time, I think I’ll pick up their baby oil and eucalyptus rub for coughs!

Dr. Bronner’s
Organic Castile Soap $16.19/32 oz – EWG Score: 0

I’ve been making our own foaming hand soap using Dr. Bronner’s Organic Castile Soaps for years. It saves so much money!

Shampoo & Body Wash $19.59/22.6oz- EWG Score: 1
Lotion $11.84/3.4 oz – EWG Score: 1
Sunscreen $12 – EWG Score: 1

We haven’t used Episencial’s Body Wash (Mrs. Hopscotch did a review of it here), but we have used their lotion and sunscreen and they’ve both been great.

Original Sprout
Miracle Detangler Spray $14.40/12 oz

Olive’s fine hair gets gnarly tangles, and this works great to get them out of her dry hair.

Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+ $12.27/3oz – EWG Score: 1

There are many sunscreens that score 1 on the EWG website, and Thinkbaby is the most affordable right now so that’s what we use. In the past we’ve also used Burnout, Episencial, and Blue Lizard.

Goddess Garden
SPF 30 Spray Sunscreen $12.77/8oz – EWG Score: 3

I love spray sunscreens for daily use, but the aerosols are supposed to be bad (which this isn’t). I spray this into my hands and rub it all over the kids. It goes on much more quickly than cream sunscreen so it’s great for touch-ups.

.  .  .  .  .

Other bath and body lines we’ve tried include Babo Botanicals (scores 2-3 on EWG) and Little Twig (scores 2 on EWG), but they were pricier than Earth Mama Angel Baby and Nature’s Baby Organics and had a higher EWG score. I am interested in trying out some Honest Company products though!

What bath and body products do you use and love for your LO?