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Back To School In Style with Just 16 Items For Her

With the boys I used a few more items, and this is pretty much because of my love for little guys in layers. And girls get the fun options of skirts or dresses, which gives their little wardrobes a bit of an edge. If your kiddo is already back in school or is heading to […]

bite beauty agave lip mask

Review: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Sometimes a product is so life-changing, it deserves its own post. I’ve had extremely chapped lips my entire life, peeling huge slivers of skin off my lips pretty much daily. It’s amazing no matter how many times I’ve peeled them (thousands!), a new layer forms and is ready to be peeled yet again. I’ve tried […]


These Happy Golden Years

Theo made a smooth transition to home. The girls really stepped up in those first couple of weeks, which were a blur of doctor visits, well-wishes from friends and family, and emotional processing. I almost fell over one night when the girls volunteered to brush their teeth and get ready for bed by themselves while […]


How Do You Find Balance as a WAHM?

As I’m typing this while corresponding with a colleague via email at the same time, my toddler is creating a make-shift table out of an old diaper box, and my youngest is trying to devour an extra-large block. You may think, “Ah, that’s the life. She gets to be home with her kids and work […]

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

By now you’ve probably seen the articles and blogs circulating the internet about the Demography study showing that parenthood is worse than divorce, unemployment, or even the death of your spouse (just google “parenthood is worse” if you don’t know what I’m talking about).¬†And while it may sound pretty extreme at first, after thinking about […]


Back To School In Style with Just 19 Items For Him

My kids are just a week and a half away from starting a new school year, and boy are they excited. They’re mostly excited to see their friends, but also the buzz of getting new things and talking about the whole idea of a new year just puts smiles on their little faces. Are your […]

Three Weeks Old – A Flashback

I wrote this post when my son, Little Bug, was three weeks old and I was struggling to deal with his colic, which has now been diagnosed as silent reflux. I was barely functioning at the time and this was so raw. I can say that it has gotten better since then (he’s now 2 […]

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