When it comes to dressing little boys, my favorite items to dress them in often happen to be basics. I don’t know about you, but I just think a basic grey tee, a cute pair of slim jeans and a red pair of sneakers is just the cutest. Also my son loves to dress just like Dad, and Dad is all about the best basics. So keeping with the theme of creating a mini capsule collection for the kids, here is the one I put together for boys. It’s very close to a mirror image of my son’s closet. Also I don’t know if I mentioned this in the little ladies summer capsule collection post, but many of these items are a bit more expensive since they are made very well and/or organic. Buying basics that are built to last is always a great idea since they will get worn a ton, so you want them to stand the test of wear.

kids-summer-capsule_boysMIX AND MATCHABLE TOPS
basic tees: 3-4 in easy to pair with anything colors. Good for everyday, for layering and nothing is better than a really good basic tee. (ringer teeolive teegrey type tee)

tank tops: 1-2, some little lads might want a few more, but 2 is usually the magic number. He likes to save them for the hottest of the heat wave days. (white tank)

special tees:
3-4 tees that have a bit something special to them — maybe a really great print or some cool color blocking; something that makes them stand apart from the everyday basics. (striped teebaseball henley)

button downs:
1-2 it’s always good to have a couple tops around that are workable for both casual and dressed up days, plus they make a cute layer on a basic tee. (blue oxford)


shorts: 5-6 in the summer. He’ll probably need enough shorts to get him through the week, more if you really hate laundry. Go for a range of comfy, khaki, printed and denim to cover all your bases — and to make sure there is variety for his mix and matchable tops. (comfy shortscamo shortsgrey shorts)

comfy pants: 2 pairs, for those lazy days, cooler nights or sports activities. A good pair of comfy pants that look good and pair well with anything are a year round staple. (slim joggerharem pant)

summer jeans: 1-2 pairs, because jeans are always a good idea even in summer. A pair of lighter jeans with a really good amount of stretch is always a good idea for active kiddos. (grey jeans)

hoodie: 1 is all you need, and hopefully summer doesn’t ask for much more. Good for those “just in case days” or the cooler nights. (zip hoodie)

shoes and sandals: 1 pair of everyday sandals and 1 pair of sneaker/water shoe/cross-over will have him covered the entire summer. (navy nativesbrown birks)

sun hat: 1 hat will do, but 2 is always fun. Something he will love to wear that will protect his cute face from the sun. (baseball hat)

What do you think of capsule dressing? Do you like the idea of basics first and small fashion add-ons later?