My kids are just a week and a half away from starting a new school year, and boy are they excited. They’re mostly excited to see their friends, but also the buzz of getting new things and talking about the whole idea of a new year just puts smiles on their little faces. Are your kids already back? Heading soon? From following people all over the world on Instagram, I’ve learnt just how different everyone’s back to school times are — it’s actually really fascinating.

When I shop for back to school, I first pull out all their clothes and see what still fits. And then we fill the holes of things that have been outgrown and add in a few new things to put smiles on their faces, because everyone (even me) likes to go back after a break with something new. I thought I’d break down visually how I shop as best I can, and it also continues on with the idea of a mini capsule collection. A little back to school wardrobe inspiration for him, with just 19 items (some of them probably taken right from his closet).

A – navy polo (jcrew) B – run like the wind long sleeve (jcrew) C – grey tee (jcrew) D – beetle tee (jcrew) E – flannel shirt (the gap) F – denim shirt (the gap) G – cardigan (the gap) H – slim sweats (zara) I – black jeans (zara) J – olive joggers (old navy) K – khaki joggers (the gap) L – easy wear jeans (the gap) M – desert boots (zara) N – nike sneakers (jcrew) O – olive beanie (old navy) P – state backpack (jcrew) Q – varsity jacket (the gap) R – denim jacket (the gap) S – puffy vest (the gap)

19 items and 3 of them are outerwear items, mainly because I love layers for boys a whole lot. Layers are what make and change outfits and make their little items more versatile. See how versatile those items are in the 16+ separate outfits below?


BTS-BOYS-16-OUTFITSI can see at least 5 more outfits in here, and they are all equally as adorable and awesome (if you ask me). I left out the jackets from the outfits, because all would work with any outfit and those depend more on the weather (jean jacket under vest for some cooler days even).

What do you think of this little man’s BTS capsule collection? You can easily make your own — all it takes is sticking to a palette and choosing items that are versatile. Back To School for girls, coming soon!