Nearly No-Sew Hooded Cape

Halloween will be here before we know it, and who has time to make anything complicated? But just because you’re short on time, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a hooded cape (or three!) for your little Jedi, princess, archer, wizard or other fairy tale favorite. All you need is 15 minutes, and the most basic of sewing skills. Really!

I’d call this a nearly-no-sew project, because there is just one simple seam. You can sew it on a machine for speed, or by hand with a running stitch. And while I haven’t tried it, I’m pretty sure you could skip the sewing entirely and close up that seam with safety pins.

Aside from how easily this goes together (which means you really could make a bunch for post-Halloween dress-up play!), is that by making it out of fleece, it’s like wrapping your child in a warm blanket. Since it’s always pretty chilly in the Chicago-area, I know this has always been a concern in my family. Yay for warm costume pieces!

Now let’s make a cape!


Hooded Cape Materials

Grosgrain ribbon (2 yards)
No-pill Fleece (amount will only adjust the length of the cape):
3-5 years: 1 yard
6-8 years: 1-1/4 yards
9-12 years: 1-1/2 yards
Adult: 2 yards

Sewing machine (or needle and thread)
Washable marker

Hooded Cape Diagram

Here’s the basic layout. When you buy fleece and it comes off the bolt, there’s a folded edge and a selvage edge. The folded edge in the diagram is the same folded edge coming off the bolt. Because this is pretty adjustable based on size, you can flex on these measurements some.

Pin and sew the hood

With the fleece folded in half, with right sides together, pin 15 inches from the folded edge. Sew along this 15 inches, with a 1/2-inch seam, backstitching at edge end.

Measure and mark slits

Turn the fleece right side out. Measuring 13 inches down from the sew edge, mark an even number of 1-inch lines every 4 or 5 inches. You will need to mark these all the way across from folded edge to the “selvege” edge, and on both sides of the cape. These lines should be vertical, as shown on the diagram.

Cut the slits

Fold the marked lines and cut the slits.

Cut hood slits

In the upper corners that are not sewn, cut two slits, as shown on the diagram.

Weave the ribbon Loop hood slits at the back

Weave the ribbon through the slits. When you get to the middle of the cape, fold back the two loose corners with the slits, and slide the ribbon through the corner slits. Continue weaving the ribbon through the rest of the cape.

Costume Cape with Hood

Fleece doesn’t really fray, so there’s no need to hem the edges. Although you could if you’re up for it. Otherwise…

You’re done! Place the hood on your little one’s head and tie a bow. I like a big loopy bow, but you can trim the ribbon if you’d like.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape 15-Minute Hooded Cape

I was definitely inspired by Charlie and Olive’s birthday party to make this cape in red, but it would be great in just about any color. Light blue or lavender for a princess, dark green for Robin Hood, or brown for a young Jedi!