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Adventures in Potty Training: Part 2

I haven’t written a potty-training post in about a year and a half. Thankfully we have come far enough for me to consider Little Piñata officially potty-trained. (You’d assume so after 1.5 years, right? But, actually this officialness is quite new!) First of all, he did amazing with going #1 on the potty from the get-go. […]


7 Tips for taking your own family photo for Christmas

Every year for as long as we’ve been married, Mr. Garland and I have made it a priority to snap a family photo around the holidays. Most years we use these photos for our Christmas cards, but sometimes we skip the cards and just make sure to get the photo. I love looking back and […]

Kylie's Home Montessori Environment #1

A look into our Montessori home environment

I thought you might like to take a peek into our Montessori home environment! This is my four year old’s work area. He goes to a Montessori school but when he is at home, this is where he will do his investigations; this is where he will do his work. We have child size table […]


SnickerSnaps: A Holiday Cookie Mashup

The idea of two things mashed together is extremely appealing. There are a certain number of foods that I love piling together in a bowl and smushing with a fork to provide the maximum amount of mash-up-ratio. Cake and ice cream. Red velvet cake & cheesecake (thanks, Cheesecake Factory). Turkey and mashed potatoes. Fruit and […]

black friday nord

Where Are All The Black Friday Sales?

I know you’re busy, relaxing and spending time with family, as you should be. And maybe you just have a little bit of time to cash in on some sales to make your holiday shopping easier? Well I put together a list of all the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales with promo codes and links […]


Thanksgiving Post Roundup

We flew to Manila this week to extend our visas, so we were able to buy some ingredients there for our first Thanksgiving dinner in El Nido. We’re planning on making roast chicken, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and chocolate cake (I couldn’t find any pumpkin)! We’re going to try to maintain our […]


Toddlers and Transitions: Bottles and Sleep

Will recently turned fifteen months old and, as an official toddler, is shedding many of the things that made him a baby. Most notably (beyond the speaking and running!), he has begun to make some natural transitions when it comes to sleep – and we’ve begun the process of forcing some other ones that will, […]

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