Hi y’all! I’m nervous and excited (but mostly excited) to be joining the community here as Mrs. Octopus. I’ve been lurking around here for years and I decided it was time to get more interactive with everyone.


I’m an (almost) 30 year old mama to two with one on the way, living deep in the heart of Texas. Our home is in a semi-rural setting complete with cows, a milk goat, more chickens than we probably need, dogs, cats, and a placid little pony. I’m passionate about gardening and have a small hobby farm where I’m striving to grow 90% of our own produce as well as 90% of our own meat (I’m still working on that whole bacon thing). My oldest daughter, Big Octo, turned 4 this summer and loves to help me out with all the animals. She gleefully snaps on a lead line to our goat’s collar to take her for a walk around the property to file down her hooves. She’s very rarely without a kitten or dog in tow. My two year old, Little Octo, enjoys watching the fish in our aquaponics system. She has a stubborn wild streak that she balances out with her extreme cuddliness.

I’m now a work-at-home mom with part-time childcare trying to balance family, finances, and farming. I’m hoping to keep pushing myself and my homestead to more self-sufficiency and sustainability. It can be a challenge with children in our modern society, but it’s extremely rewarding. With my eldest attending Montessori preschool it’s been easier to get her on board with an environmental mindset, which for kids often means going without “fun” things other friends have. I work remotely as a designer and social media manager for a marketing consulting firm for non-profits, also learning grant writing.


I refer to my life as currently being upcycled, as there are so many details recently in flux. But we’ll get more into that in a minute. I chose Octopus because that cute little aqua critter was just calling my name, and I have a thing for sea creatures. I’m looking forward to the community and support everyone here is so famous for, and I’m so glad to finally be a real part of it!