When looking for a gift for a baby, I consider the child’s current stage in development. I think about what the child can do with their hands and their developing coordination. Contrasting books and art cards are fantastic for newborns’ developing eye sight. Clutching toys and rattles promote coordinated movement of the hands. Montessori materials like the Object Permanence Box build on this coordination and strengthens concentration. We want to find toys that are purposeful and where possible made of natural materials. I’ve also included in this list some fantastic first books.


1) Haba Clutching Toy  |  2) Skwish Classic Rattle  |  3) Patchwork Grasping Ball  |  4) Black and White Contrast Wee Gallery Art Cards  |  5) Shake and Roll Rattle  |  6) Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon  |  7) Plan Toy Drum  |  8) Galt Pop Up Toy  |  9) Montessori Object Permanence Box  |  10) Montessori Baby Toys Set  |  11) Stacking Toy  |  12) Butterfly Mobile  |  13) Global Babies Book  |  14)  Look! Look! Book  |  15) First 100 Words Book