I thought you might like to take a peek into our Montessori home environment! This is my four year old’s work area. He goes to a Montessori school but when he is at home, this is where he will do his investigations; this is where he will do his work.

Kylie's Home Montessori Environment #1

We have child size table with colourful stools. A reading chair in the corner. Just out of the photographs is a child’s bookshelf full of books.

You can see we have a couple of shelving units. The shelving contains lots trays and baskets of puzzles and interesting games, puppets, stamps and natural materials.

I love to have a world globe, microscope and mini skeleton on the shelves too.

Kylie's Home Montessori Environment #2

We have a natural rug to work on and lots of timber furnishings. I feel the timber and plants add warmth to the area. There are lots of plants for the children to look after including climbing plants, air plants, a terrarium and a little plant growing in a jar, which is really interesting to observe.

Also just out of the picture is our music player with a few of my children’s favourite CDs and a basket of musical instruments.

Kylie's Home Montessori Environment #3

For our Montessori home environment I want to create an atmosphere where the child feels comfortable and loved. I want an environment that is interesting, intellectually stimulating with lots of natural elements.

Do you have a Montessori area or children’s work area at home?