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The Not So Easy Parts of Living on a Remote Tropical Island

We’ve been here for almost two months now, and I’ve shared a lot about how much we’re enjoying our simpler life. But there have definitely been some changes that have been difficult to deal with, so I thought I would share a little about those too! 1) Bugs. Lots and lots of bugs and bug bites. In […]


Unique children’s book recommendations

I recently listened to an interview with B.J. Novak, star of The Office and author of a bestselling children’s book with an interesting concept – no pictures. It’s literally called “The Book With No Pictures,” and it’s become an instant classic. The interviewer asked why he wrote such a book, and if he could use […]

Helping Our kids Learn from the bad

A few months ago I was at a fundraiser with my oldest daughter for one of our friends. I thought the location was pretty secure, so I took out some of my essentials and hid my purse underneath some jackets in my backseat. I didn’t have my younger daughter with me at the event, so […]

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Baby C’s Future Reading List

After Baby C was born, I started a tradition. At the end of every year, right around late December, I go into my Goodreads account, go through the list of books I read that year, and sort them by my most favorite to least favorite. Then I go into a page in my Evernote account […]


Our experience with Roseola

I am always stumped about writing posts on topics that have been blogged about before, but in the end I always feel like they’re somewhat useful because each person has a different take on things. Maybe someone will read this post and gain something useful from it. Thus…my post on Roseola. Baby Romi is nearly […]


All Natural Homemade Play Dough

I have a confession to make. As much as I love the Earth and green living, one of the biggest motivations to going zero waste is because I’m lazy. It’s true. I’m a total homebody and I hate driving. Or going places. I may be the only mom blogger in America that can’t stand Target. […]

New Year, New Adventure

In my younger years, I spent a lot of time working and building up my career. I was motivated and I really liked working. And it mostly paid off. I moved up and got positions that meant something to me. And then I got pregnant the first time and had a miscarriage. And something changed. […]

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