No-Sew Art Pouch

Do you have a young artist in your family? Or maybe there are times when your little one just needs a quiet activity on hand? Keeping crayons and paper around are essential.

Give them the supplies they need in a convenient pouch they can wear around their neck. It makes a great stocking stuffer, party favor, or simple gift, and the best part is that it’s so quick and easy to make!

Be Ready to Make Art Anywhere


Here’s what you need:

Art Pouch Supplies

Fabric (about 5×10 inches)
Double-sided fusible interfacing (about 5×10 inches)
Felt (about 5×10 inches) – I recommend wool blend felt
Extra-wide bias tape
Fabric glue – I recommend Fabri-Tac

Iron the Fabric with Interfacing

Layer the interfacing between the felt and the wrong side of the fabric. Iron the layers so they all stick together. Just make sure you don’t end up placing the iron on the interfacing or you’ll have a sticky mess!

Even up the edges so you have a straight rectangle. I cut mine down to 4-1/2 x 9 inches, but it doesn’t have to be precise.

Cut Bias Tape Strips

Cut one piece of bias tape that is about 7 inches long and cut a second piece that is about 36 inches long. You can alter the length of the second piece to adjust how long the lanyard part of the art pouch will hang on your child.

Fold and Glue the Bias Tape Ends

Fold the ends of the bias tape pieces in and secure with the fabric glue. Do this for each end of both pieces.

Glue the Bias Tape to the Pouch

Fold the fused fabric and felt in half to form the pouch. Open the main fold on the short piece of bias tape.

Spread glue along both sides of the bias tape and, with the folded edge of the pouch at one end, fold the bias tape over the edges of the pouch.

The extra part of the bias tape should also glue together.

Glue the Bias Tape Lanyard

Attach the long piece of bias tape to the other side of the pouch in the same way. Apply a line of glue along the entire long strip to join it together.

By the way, if you have a sewing machine, you can swap out the glue for sewing on any of these steps. It’ll be just as fast!

Attach Velcro Pieces

Cut a small strip of Velcro and glue it to the two ends of the bias tape lanyard.

Technically, you could make the lanyard part as one long strip that just attaches at both sides of the pouch, however, adding the Velcro makes it a little safer since it can pull apart. I placed it close to the pouch so it doesn’t catch in hair at the back of the neck.

Slide Crayons and Paper in the Pouch

After the glue is completely dry, add some supplies. Blank 3×5 index cards and a pack of eight crayons fit perfectly!

Easy Art Lanyard for Kids

And your artist is ready to create on the go!

Portable Drawing Kit

Happy crafting!