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Dogs and Children: Respect and Communication

Respect for animals is an important lesson to teach all children. It is often their first lesson in empathy. Their treatment of their pets (and those of their families and friends) often carries over to their treatment of their friends at daycare or school. Not to mention, so many people have pets, even if children […]


You Know You Live With a Toddler If…

I love having a toddler. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – this is far and away my favorite phase of parenthood so far, and I absolutely adore how fun, ridiculous, and challenging toddlers are. But, anyone who has ever parented a toddler knows it’s not all fun and games. Sometimes it’s hard. And my […]


Things I Never Thought I Needed… Until We Got Them

Somehow, in the last eighteen months, the number of items that our toddler ‘needs’ has grown exponentially. We’ve reached the dreaded point where it feels like there’s a Will area in every corner of the house. I so desperately want to be one of those parents who has little need for a multitude of baby […]

Turning down our first placement

Two sibling toddlers. They have a sad story. They need a good home without a lot of other kids, like their current foster home has. They need to go together. One of them might have some issues, behaviorally and cognitively. But they are just toddlers. I can’t divulge many details on the internet, obviously. As […]


Our Pregnancy Reveal

Over three years ago when Mr. Starfish and I started trying to become pregnant, I dreamed of a great pregnancy reveal story. Back when I naively thought we could become pregnant naturally, I would spend countless hours during my two-week-waits scouring the internet for creative and fun ways to disclose to our parents and extended […]


Postpartum Experience – 1 & 2, Vaginal vs. C-section Delivery

I think one of the most common questions that people ask me, even at a year postpartum, is about the differences between giving birth to baby number one and baby number two. I think it is natural to wonder if things were the same or different – especially if you are about to have another […]


Natural Talent or Natural Development?

Will is nearing eighteen months old, and it’s become increasingly clear that a few things in particular really get my kiddo excited. Things he notices, asks for, and has me asking myself – how do you know when something is an innate talent or when is it a part of normal growth and development? There are all […]

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