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easy homemade pizza

Easy Homemade Pizza

We like to think we are healthy, but, well, pizza. Pizza is our go-to quick and easy dinner when we don’t really feel like cooking. I don’t mean delivery, although that would be quicker for most people. We live in the boonies and I’m not even sure we have a delivery place that will come […]


Thematic Books Round Up: Adoption Books!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for over a year, and sadly it has taken me awhile to get our adoption books together, but I’m so excited to share with you our favorite children’s books related to adoption. Everyone’s adoption story is different, so you can see which ones fit your family better. And […]

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A conversation about death

As I was putting my three year old to bed one night, she brought up a conversation about death, completely out of the blue. It went like this. Lil’ Pizza: Why will we surely die? Me: Because that’s just what happens to all of us. Lil’ Pizza: Will I die? Me: Yes, you will die. […]

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Hello! I just finished writing a guest post series on Hellobee about our baby’s journey with a CHD medical diagnosis. It’s been immensely helpful and comforting for to me to hear other parenting perspectives, especially as it relates to medical issues. I hope to pay that forward by writing about our parenting experience. In that […]

shopping rules_intentional shopper

SHOPPING RULES: To Become A More Intentional Shopper

[image via death to stock] Doesn’t life have enough rules already!? I know you don’t need me telling you how to run your life. And I promise that’s not my plan. Making changes for the positive is a good idea, and giving yourself rules to follow to get you to that more positive point is […]


First Week with T

How do you all find time to write with infants?? We finished our first week as foster parents yesterday and wow, it’s been a busy week! We’ve introduced T to one set of foster grandparents and great grandparents, had two pediatrician visits, one ultrasound and one trip to UC Davis for a consult with a Pediatric […]

Babymoon 2

A Starfish Babymoon

Last week, Mr. Starfish and I left behind cold and drab Chicago for a babymoon in the sunshine state. It’s honestly a bit of a stretch to call this trip a babymoon because we find the need to escape Chicago and its frigid winters every February or March regardless of our family-building stage. I think […]

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