It’s always better to be at least a little prepared for spring and summer rain than not at all (trust). Sure April is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the rain showers are, though it does mean a lot of that rain gear will be gone soon. Rain coats and rain boots are a buy now in a larger size and use later sorta item, and you will for sure use them later — here are a few great ones to buy now!

12rain coatsno.1 yellow rain coat – no.2 floral rain coat – no.3 red rain coat – no.4 wide striped rain coat – no.5 polka dotty rain coat – no.6 patterned cape – no.7 all pink rain coat – no.8 reversible printed rain coat – no.9 classic navy rain coat – no.10 patterned rain coat – no.11 pink transparent rain coat – no.12 navy and red rain coat


760f47f1c59a21751b7bb4fb32bca7d2Be prepared for this! [photo via pinksugarland ]

And of course you can’t have rain coats without rain boots!

12rain bootsno.1 wildflower boots
no.2 red airplane boots – no.3 grey and green – no.4 crocs boots – no.5 colour changing boots – no.6 shark boots – no.7 flower boots – no.8 short booties – no.9 green boots – no.10 polka dotty boots – no.11 neoprene boots – n0.12 blush pink – of course you have the full classic hunter boot lineup!

Number 5, the stars change colour when they get wet and you know they are gonna get wet!

4ormat+Portfolio-78[photo via Meaghan Curry Photography ]

07914719ec85e6cb66e4fbb753d714da[photo via little bunny photography ]

Also rainboots, wellies or rubber boots (whatever you prefer to call them) look crazy adorable on, so they are just always a good idea!