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Craft Ideas at Five - How we Montessori for Hello Bee

Craft activities – for my five year old.

With my children being on school holidays, I’m looking to some fresh craft ideas to keep them busy. These are all activities that my five year old enjoys. In the Montessori way, we have presented them in trays and baskets on our shelves. IKEA PYSSLA Beads, similar to Perler Beads. These are really popular in […]

birthday theme

Multi-Theme Birthday Party

Scallop’s 1st birthday party was mustache themed because it seemed like fun. It was easy enough to plan. I found items I liked from Etsy and Amazon, DIY’d a lot of things myself, and didn’t go too overboard (although I do love planning parties!) because there was no need. His 2nd birthday party was construction themed, […]

The Best Laid Plans

Growing up as an only child made me see the importance of friends because I would have had no one to play with if I didn’t make friends outside my home. I am truly blessed to have some dear people in my life to call friends, some that I have been able to maintain from my […]

camping 2

Camping with little ones

This month we went camping with our two little ones for five days. Baby Pizza had just turned one and Lil’ Pizza is now 3.5 years old. I’m not much of a camper; the last time I went camping was when I was 12 years old. Camping is one of those things that I think in my […]


10 Things My Kids Have Learned While Living Abroad

I’ve written before about the benefits of traveling with young children, even for those that are too young to remember the trip, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom. Here are 10 things my kids (ages 4.5 & 6.5) have learned while traveling and living abroad for the past 8 months! 1) How to […]

Picky Eater Tricks for Every Stage

Overall, BeBe eats a variety of healthy foods, but it makes me crazy when she goes through a picky eating phase! Sometimes, it’s only a week and then she moves on. But any longer than that, I’ve learned we need to pull out our old tricks. Here’s are the picky eating tricks which have worked well […]

Some days we give up and let M sleep with his trains.

Small Wins

It’s hard to admit that being a new mom is a struggle and that not everyday is sunshine and rainbows. There are some days when it is impossible to put M down without him launching into hysteria, or days when the everyday minutiae (i.e. laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep) send my anxiety through the roof. […]

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