It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, but we’ve had lots of great selections lately, so I thought I’d share! Here are some of our recent favorite picks from our library visits:

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Dad’s First Day: This is such a sweet book of a boy’s first day at school, and it a twist of a take on other first day of school books; this book features the parent as the one who is worried and nervous, while his son takes his first day in stride and with confidence. You and your little one will love this book as a way to begin conversations about new experiences.


The Sleepy Songbird: Peep wants nothing more than to be a member of the Dawn Chorus, but he just cannot seem to wake up in time for his audition! He eventually learns that he is not the same as the other birds and learns to shine and sing in his own special way. The illustrations in this book are just lovely!

Tulip and Rex Write a Story: You may recognize this author’s name as the creator of the beloved Biscuit books. Her newest dog hero is just as lovable and so is his sweet girl. Join Tulip and Rex as they explore and create on their word walk!

Hannah and Sugar: This is such a sweet story about overcoming fears in order to do something good. Hannah’s classmate’s dog, Sugar, greets everyone at the bus after school and everyone is excited to greet Sugar, too. All except Hannah, who is scared of dogs. Read to find out how Hannah conquers her fear and makes a new friend, too.

Felix Stands Tall: Felix has found a new best friend in Fiona who is full of big ideas. Following one of those big ideas, he soon finds himself dressed as a singing and dancing pixie and he and Fiona take first place in the Guinea Pig Jubilee talent show. He also finds himself the target of some bullies who make fun of Felix’s dancing and his costume. Read as Felix learns to stand up for himself against bullies…and…even against slightly overbearing best friends. A great read with an even greater message!

Love is My Favorite Thing: Plum loves life and about a million other things, but her absolute favorite thing is LOVE. Unfortunately, her love for just about everything else gets her into oodles of trouble! Based on the author’s real dog, this story will have you and your little one laughing, especially if you have a good text-to-self connection and have a crazy dog of your own!

The Thank You Book: Okay, can we just pause and take a moment of silence? Because, you guys. THIS IS THE LAST ELEPHANT AND PIGGIE BOOK!!! ::SOB:: I know, I was a little emotional while reading this the first time and maaaaay have shed a tear or two. I thought they would go on forever!!! This book reads as true series finale, bringing back guest stars and ending with gratitude. A wonderful ending to a fabulous series.

That’s (Not) Mine: These two friends cannot stop arguing over this comfy chair. Their argument gets bigger and they get madder but they soon learn how to resolve their issue and make up. A great book for toddlers and preschoolers!

Circle Square Moose: That meddling moose is back! Just like with the ABC book, Moose is on a mission to a be in this shape book and tries his darnedest to fit into the pages. Zebra tries to come to the rescue, but the two end up inadvertently ruining the shape book. Of course, hilarity ensues every step of the way! This book is best suited for slightly older children who already know their shapes and can catch on to the gimmick of the story.

Thank You and Goodnight: I love Patrick McDonnell’s beautiful and simple illustration style. The Gift of Nothing is one of my absolute favorite holiday books and if you are familiar with the Mutts comic strip, you’ll recognize his work. This book features some beautiful illustrations of friends at their first sleepover. Read along as they have fun and share stories (featuring some fun cameos!) and, as the title suggests, end their night together with gratitude.

Hedgehugs: These adorable silly hedgehogs, Horace and Hattie, are best friends and want nothing more than to be able to hug, but, of course, they are just too spiky! Join them as they try different ways to problem solve and finally find the just-right solution to their prickly problem.

Henry Wants More: Henry is the baby of the family and he wants more of everything — more games, more races, more songs, more books! His poor family is patient, but exhausted! Follow them and Henry’s requests throughout their day and the sweet, sweet twist at the end. I also love that this book features a beautiful biracial family!

Too Many Toys: Have you ever heard your child utter this phrase? I surely haven’t. But, listening to Lulu’s story might give your little one pause as they reflect on what Lulu learns is most important when it comes to having (and giving) toys.

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What recent treasures have you recently had in your library bags?