Several times a week, friends and strangers alike stop me and the kiddos and compliment something the kids are wearing. Nine times out of ten, I tell them, to their surprise, that the said item is from Target. As you can probably tell, Target is often my go-to for kids’ clothes because, let’s face it, we’re there once a week, and, not only are the clothes affordable even at full price, but they’re also really adorable and quite stylish! I thought I’d highlight some of this and share some of my favorite kids’ pieces. I’ll be sharing these in two posts: one for little girls, and one for big boys, since that’s who I shop for, but if you have something you want help looking for, feel free to let me know in the comments; I’d love to help!

First up, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from the toddler girls’ section. This spring, I was tasked with the “chore” of buying almost an entire warm weather wardrobe for Lil’ CG (I loved every second of it ;)) since when she came to us in the fall she didn’t really need many warmer weather items. Nearly everything I bought was from Target, including many of the items below!

new graphic june 13 2016

1) postcard dress | 2) chambray polka dot romper | 3) checkered romper with pompoms | 4) strawberry dress | 5) mint pompom dress | 6) watercolor dress | 7) striped dress 8) eyelet top and skirt | 9) watermelon tankini | 10) elephant one piece | 11) sailor one piece | 12) glitter sandals | 13) turquoise sandals | 14) gold sandals | 15) grey tank top | 16) chambray button down | 17) pineapple tee | 18) gold flower peplum tank | 19) lace tank | 20)white eyelet shorts | 21) pink lace shorts | 22) watermelon legging set