My body has never been the same since having Charlie and Olive, even if the number on the scale is the same as it was pre-kids. The biggest difference is I have that belly pooch many of us are left with post kids that is so hard to get rid of. I hated the way it showed with any one piece suit I wore. And since we live on a tropical island, we spend a lot of time in swimming suits!

I purchased a couple of mix and match tops and bottoms from Kortni Jeane before moving to the Philippines, and I’m in love with them. Her peplum tops do a great job of flattering the neckline while providing enough coverage for the area I’d most like to minimize. She regularly releases different prints and styles, there are many mix and match tops and bottoms for different body types, and men, boys’ and girls’ styles are available too. I blogged about some of my favorite full coverage swimming suits here, but Kortni Jeane is the most flattering swimming suit I’ve found so far!

Follow her instagram to see how to mix and match different styles, colors and prints! The hardest part is deciding which combination to get, and buying them before they sell out (which usually happens!).




kortni jeane2

kortni jeane1

Have you found a flattering swimming suit you love?