Hi Everyone –  I’m Mrs. Gumdrop and I’m one month into this crazy adventure of birth and life and parenting!

Our new little family.
Our new little family at our house in Chiang Mai.

I’m excited to join HelloBee at this moment in time to capture the fiercely beautiful and challenging process of embracing my new role as a mother. It has already been an intense learning experience and I only hope to grow more as a person as I share my journey into motherhood from the very beginning.

Before the birth of our daughter, Baby Jujube, I’d already been in a time of growth – living as an expat in Thailand shook me out of my comfort zone more than I expected, and Mr. Gumdrop and I have both been using the last year here to reset and rediscover our values. We got married after I graduated from college, bought a house and were living the American Dream complete with an American-sized portion of debt. It was a challenging way to start a life together but it unified us – we made a plan and some sacrifices and paid it off in our first five years of marriage so we could have the freedom and flexibility to move to Thailand.


So here we are! I still love dreaming and making plans and lists even though I’m definitely a type B personality. I also like making films, balancing budgets,  sewing, eating candy and sweets, and figuring out how I can DIY everything.

Little Jujube
Little Jujube – 1 month old

Since I so recently passed the initiation into motherhood I have a new and fervent respect for all women, and am incredibly grateful to be on this journey with you all!

Mrs. Gumdr()p