As a SAHM, I’m always trying to come up with creative arts & crafts activities, science projects, or just fun, messy things to do. I usually browse Pinterest once a week, or every other week, in order to see if there’s anything new we haven’t tried before. But this summer I’m feeling an extra push to find interesting things for Scallop and Pearl to do. It’s probably because Scallop was in a 3’s preschool program this past year so I kind of slacked off in the project arena, since I felt like he was getting a lot of it at school. But now he’s home all the time and Pearl is getting old enough to participate…so I’m really trying to step up my game this summer!

Here’s an overview of some of the activities we’ve done and loved so far:

Pouring Station – This is favorite that is easy to set up in a pinch! I bought a bunch of easy-to-pour containers from the Dollar Store. On hot days I like to put the containers out, put some water into each one, add a couple/few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolor, and let the kids go wild. This usually means that Scallop tries desperately to mix colors, while Pearl desperately tries to pour out all of the containers. It’s fun for all!



Jello Dig – This was a fairly messy but highly entertaining activity for both kids in different ways. The night before, I mixed up a package of Jello (blue raspberry, yum!) in a 9×13 glass baking dish. I then added some of the kids’ favorite plastic animals, gems, trucks, etc into the mix. I put it in the fridge overnight and in the morning – voila! Jello Dig!!

At first Scallop did NOT want to get his hands messy. He sometimes has a thing for textures, so he was happy “digging” his toys out with a spoon. Pearl, on the other hand, was more than happy to get down and dirty and eat all the jello! It was quite sticky and goopy in the end, but I did keep a bowl of water nearby in order to wash the toys off as they were found. It was awesome for about half an hour and Scallop asks to do it again often.

summer activity2
Scallop’s jello aversion didn’t last long….

All Things Oobleck

Making oobleck is probably about a once a week activity at our house. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it works. End of story. We’ve done a few different versions of oobleck this summer including:

Frozen oobleck: I made oobleck the morning of our activity, put it in ice cube tray molds, and froze it for a few hours. This activity is especially nice on a really hot day!


Rainbow Oobleck – aka different colored oobleck in one big tub. Also a favorite!

Frozen Oobleck Ice Cream – One of Scallop’s favorites so far this summer. Oobleck made with vanilla extract in one batch and cocoa powder in another to resemble ice cream. Add in some beads (sprinkles) and a real ice cream scoop and we had good times!!

Water Blob

Plastic sheeting + duct tape + water (lots of water) + time = WATER BLOB!!! Fun, fun, fun….until it pops…then it’s still kind of fun. Pearl actually liked this activity more out of the two of them.


Fizzy Ice – This was a great activity that both kids loved! I took a ton of crushed ice and ice cubes and filled up our “sensory tub” (aka under the bed storage container) with them. I then let Scallop pile up baking soda and cover up the piles with more ice. I mixed together small containers of vinegar and food coloring ahead of time, and Scallop wasted no time using the pipettes to squirt the liquid onto the ice piles. And thus, fizzy ice was born!! Scallop loved mixing the colors together and making ice volcanoes. Pearl liked stirring the mixture and watching the bubbles. It kept them entertained for about 15 minutes before Scallop was dumping in all of the remaining baking soda and colored vinegar, and Pearl began tasting the mixture (gag). Good times for all!

summer activity
Putting in the vinegar  |  Oooh, bubbles!

Have you done any great activities for your kids this summer?