We’ve been saying this a lot lately, but the last few months have been the most fun yet. M has his own sense of humor and loves making Mr. Ice Cream and me laugh with his mischievous smile. He picks up things so quickly, climbs on everything and continues to impress us everyday.

The most heartwarming thing M does right now is give kisses. When he is in a really affectionate mood he locks eye contact from 2 feet away, slowly leans in, closes his eyes and plants an open-mouthed, slobbery kiss on our faces. It feels like the awkward end-of-date kiss from an 80s rom com, but we absolutely love it.

Biggest toy obsession right now are trains, or “choo choos.” The first time he made the magnetized ends of the trains connect, he gasped in amazement. But he is equally frustrated when the trains are in the wrong orientation and won’t connect. Despite the love-hate relationship, M loves going to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table and could stand there for hours rolling the choo choos around the track. Our least favorite part is the tantrum that ensues as soon as we try to leave. Luckily, Mr. Ice Cream and I have gotten smarter and now we bring incentives (i.e. snacks, toy trains from home) to lure him out. It’s not a perfect system, but there are significantly fewer tears.


These days life with M starts promptly at 4:30am. He is a total early bird and is happiest when he wakes up in the morning. We’ve been taking advantage of his early schedule and going for long walks before the summer heat kicks in. We’ve also started making regular trips to the pool, which he loves. He’s most excited when he sees other kids splashing around. Despite the hour prep time it takes to get to the pool, M usually only lasts for about 45 minutes before he looks utterly exhausted from floating.

Another big change is that M moved to the toddler room at Daycare. I felt surprisingly emotional about the transition because 1) I loved his young toddler teachers and 2) it struck me that our little boy is growing up so fast. But M has been doing great in his new environment with teachers he loves and a new big kid playground. He has already picked up so many new words and is becoming quite the chatter box. Most recently he added the word “no” to his vocabulary. Unlike some of the other words he says, his annunciation of “no” is crystal clear and confident. But by far his favorite thing to say is “what’s that,” which sounds more like “was tat.” No matter how many times he asks “what’s that” (and it’s a lot) Mr. Ice Cream and I love answering him.

We struggled with solids at first, but these days Max has become a great eater. We do our best to incorporate greens into his diet and are successful some days while other days we just let it go. Mostly our success depends on how well we disguise the vegetables since he is skeptical of any food that is green.

Even though M is still pretty young, Mr. Ice Cream and I love browsing through pictures of M when he was really little. Sometimes I can hardly believe how much he has changed and grown up in this past year. I’ve been trying to keep a journal of all the sweet little things he does because it’s those moments that make being his mom so incredibly special. Here are a couple of my favorites from the past few months:

A few of my favorite moments:

  • My in-laws got me a J.Crew gift card for my birthday. The card had a J.Crew model on it and when M saw it he pointed to the model and repeatedly said “mama, mama.” I have never loved that child more!
  • Our living room lights can change color. As a fun way to teach M colors, we taught him to point to the lights, say a color and Mr. Ice Cream would change the lights accordingly. It is the cutest thing to see M point to the ceiling and say “geen.” Of course the obvious flaws in the game include 1) we always have to be prepared (which we aren’t) and 2( M thinks he can point to any light and magically change it’s color (which he can’t). But for now it is one of our favorite games to play.
  • M’s spatial distance needs work which is apparent when he turns to go down the stairs. Most times he turns WAY too soon and ends up needing to pedal backwards quite a distance before reaching the stairs. On a few occasions he was so far off that he ran into a wall, completely missing the stairs!