Reading books together is something that has been a part of our nightly bedtime routine since Mini Pbj was just a baby. It’s one of my favorite times of the day, because it’s about the only time she will still let me hold her! I love snuggling up together in the glider in her room and reading some bedtime stories. Actually, Mr. Pbj and I take turns putting Mini to bed every night because we both love having that alone time with her. She usually gets three books read to her and then into bed she goes! Here are some of our favorite bedtime books and the ones that Mini Pbj asks for over and over again!


1) Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. This book is a classic whimsical rhyming story where children say “goodnight” to everything!

2) Time For Bed by Mem Fox. A sweet calming story that uses rhymes to let the animals know it’s time for bed.


3) Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney. Just one of the books in the adorable Llama Llama series, this story takes you through the woes of bedtime for llama llama and how he learns there’s nothing to be afraid of.

4) Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan. This book tells the story of all the sights, sounds, and friends a little owl encounters on his journey to bedtime.

5) Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney. The newest book in this series tells you all about Llama Llama’s first overnight stay away from home. So relatable for children and a instant hit with Mini Pbj!

6)  Sleep Tight Little Mouse by Mary Morgan. This book is about a picky little mouse who can’t make up his mind what kind of bed he wants to sleep in!

7) Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson. A quick story about a little bunny and his adventures before bedtime.

8) Corduroy by Don Freeman. Another beloved classic about a little toy bear’s journey to find a lost button and ultimately a home!

9) I Really Like Slop! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) by Mo Willems. This silly story teaches little ones the value in trying new things, and that it’s okay for friends to have different opinions.

10) Curious George by Margaret and H.A. Rey. A collection of eight Curious George stories all together in one book.

11) The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. A story of a big bear who sleeps through his friends’ party…until something wakes him up!

12) The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. So many animals live on this farm, and this book lets you meet them all before they end up in the big red barn at the end of the day.

What are some of your little ones favorite bedtime stories? I’m always looking for new books to add to our collection!