6 items to help you go from summer to fall

Surprise surprise, summer is nearing its end. Excuse me while I go weep into a corner. I’m never quite ready for summer to end, even if I’m so over the heat mostly because I know what comes after fall (which we will not even mention). There is one plus side to sloooowly bidding adieu to summer, and that my friends is fall. That sweet in between season filled with crunching leaves, cozy sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes.

Sometimes the best part about dressing for a new season also happens to be the worst — the task of finding things to wear and/or spend more money to buy things to wear. But with a few clever tricks and versatile items you can transition some (many) of your summer items right into fall and hopefully squash that feeling of “I have nothing to wear” on that first chilly morning. There are a lot of tricks for summer to fall transitional dressing, but these 6 items are my favorite for making the seasons blend effortlessly (clothing wise) together.


cropped jeans
no.1 madewell slim fit boot cut crop jeans – no.2 old navy cropped boyfriend jeans – no.3 amo flared cropped jean (top image is also #3)

CROPPED JEANS – Cropped jeans of any style are a great transitional item. There are so many you just have to go with your gut, for which one works for you. They are great for those days when the shade starts to actually feel like shade, for when it’s still warm out but not quite warm enough for shorts anymore. They allow you to still wear all your summer sandals, plus those fall shoes and even booties as it gets cooler. The perfect, after shorts, not quite ready for full length, pants.

light or cropped sweater

no.1 lightweight 3/4 length sleeve sweater – no.2 loose slightly cropped – no.3 short sleeve sweater – no.4 cropped scalloped hem

CROPPED OR LIGHT SWEATER – Don’t run away from the word cropped, I promise this isn’t going to be scary. A cropped (or slightly cropped) sweater makes the perfect layer to wear over a summer dress. Usually it lines up well with a waist seam on a dress or it lands in a flattering spot no matter what your body type. It’s a quick and easy way to make a summer dress, a fall dress. Or a simple lightweight sweater can do the same job, also great for pairing with this summer skirts and shorts. (image via elle)

boyfriend shirtno.1 large gingham shirt – no.2 oxford blue shirt – no.3 white shirt

BUTTON DOWN SHIRT – Just go ahead and steal this one from your significant other’s closet (or your best boy friends). It’s a great transitional shirt as it goes with shorts, skirts, jeans and pants. You can wear it over a tank for cool mornings, and roll up the sleeves or take it right off as the day warms up. Or you can go ahead be all 90’s and tie it around your waist for a real throw back.

denim jacketno.1 the gap classic – no.2 old navy cropped – no.3 old navy shirt style

DENIM JACKET – I personally think this is the best all season jacket, because denim goes with everything (even more denim). Also it’s the perfect weight for warm days, even warm/hot shorts day, for cooler days when you need to wear a sweater, and even colder days when you need to wear a warmer coat over top (double layer jacket time). I would definitely jump on the denim jacket train, or dust off that oldie but a goodie if I were you. (image c/o madewell)

no.1 chunky cardigan – no.2 long line charcoal – no.3 hooded long cream

CARDIGANS – When you think fall layer, usually you think cardigan. Really there is no wrong way to wear a cardigan. Just layer it over shorts and a tank, a tee and a skirt, a summer dress or jeans and a summer top — it’s an easy layer that will help you extend the life of your summer clothes…just a little bit. And those longer length cardigans, think of them as a long winter coat that you leave open — they go over any length of clothing, short or long. (image via tanesha awasthi)

easy dress
no.1 striped dress – no.2 burgundy swing dress – no.3 olive shirt dress

EASY DRESS – What constitutes an easy dress? In my book, it’s something that is breathable, goes with all your shoes and can be washed and worn (no ironing). An easy, breathable, casual fall dress is the perfect transitional item as you can still wear all your summer shoes, plus all your new fall ones. It will just easily replace a couple summer dresses in your rotation, the ones that won’t transition very well. (image c/o le fashion)

*If you have a pair of everyday sneakers, pop those on instead of sandals or a pair of ballet flats or loafers.That is until you can wear fall shoes and booties full time.

What is your favorite summer to fall transitional item?