Thinking about a registry can be super overwhelming. Where to register, and what to register for are big decisions. These little monsters seem to require a lot of stuff. As I mentioned previously, one of my motivating factors for staying team green was to keep our shower needs-based. While babies seem to require a lot of gear, there seemed to be a fine line between necessary and nice to have.

We’re kind of the last in a core group to join the baby circle, so we have an overwhelming amount of hand me downs available to us, as well as a plethora of advice. We already have purchased and received (as hand-me-downs) several big ticket items including a stroller, car seat, bassinet, crib, swing, exersaucer and baby-carriers (we have four already!). When it came to researching what we needed beyond those items I consulted many friends, family members and recommendations lists. Over the course of several months the registry was complete just in time for invitations to the shower went out.

So, what are some of the things we landed on?


1) Levana Sophia 2.4 Inch Digital Video Baby Monitor – The level of necessity for a video monitor seems to bring mixed opinions; however, knowing myself I’ll feel better being able to see my baby sleeping versus just listening. After doing a bit of research the Levana had great reviews and seemed to be a good price point for a video monitor. Features that were important to me included the temperature monitoring, good range and option to add additional cameras.

2) IKEA ANTILOP Highchair with tray – The ANTILOP seems to be a fan favourite for many, and we are ready to jump on board. We love the price point, the reviews and the fact that this guy will be super easy to clean.


3) Spectra Baby S2 Breast Pump – A decent pump was on an absolutely must-have list for us. With Mr. M being the one taking the leave, I want to get a pump that would allow me to build a supply up for him to be able to leave the house if he wants to. The baby will also be going to daycare as of approximately six months, so I’m hoping that my milk production will allow us to continue to breastfeed. After researching several options I landed on the Spectra as a middle-of-the-line price point with great reviews and ratings.

4) Nuna SENA mini playard – After over-researching the heck out of playards, we landed on the SENA mini. The smaller design was a motivating factor for us, as being able to bring a smaller amount of gear in the early days of travel seemed like a great option. These guys are super easy to assemble/take-down and have great resale value. My mom already inherited a standard sized playard, so we will be able to take that once we outgrow this one.

5) Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm – I researched several companies for baby skin care products and ended up landing on Earth Mama Angel Baby. This company is available for purchase at our local health food store, which we love. It’s always nice to have a local option.

6) Little Unicorn Forest Friends Muslin Swaddles – I think these guys are probably one of the first things I added to our registry. They make my mama heart burst when I think about wrapping our little babe up in one of them. I love Little Unicorn’s designs, and there are a few Canadian retailers that carry them.

7) Lamaze Mortimer the Moose – While we have gotten plenty of hand-me-downs, we are practically starting fresh with baby toys. This little guy is perfect for our little Canadian babe. We registered for several toys to keep our little one busy in his/her first year.

8) Hershel Dawson Backpack – Diaper bags come in all shapes, sizes and price points. The issue for us was finding one that was kind of dad-friendly without breaking the bank. Friends of ours use a regular ol’ backpack and love it. The Hershel we landed on has a similar design to theirs. We liked the two large front pockets for easy access items and the quality Hershel brings. While it’s not specifically labelled as a diaper bag, we think/hope it’ll be functional enough for us!

.  .  .  .  .

A favourite registry amongst our friend group is Baby List. We’ve all loved the options to register for items at multiple locations, including local stores.

What items were on your must-have list? Where did you decide to register?