Hi, everyone! I’m Mrs. Mac & Cheese, and I’m so glad to be here. I’ve been blogging since before I knew what blogging actually was (did anyone else have an awkward teenage Livejournal?), and often turn to writing to get my head in order through big life changes. In the last four years, there have been a lot of those, and it feels good to have a community that has experienced much of the same.

Mac Daddy (yes, he picked that moniker out himself) and I are nearing our fourth anniversary this month. We welcomed our daughter M shortly after our first anniversary, and we’re looking forward to adding another baby to the family sometime this December. It’s been a busy four years, full of ups and downs.

We were extremely lucky to conceive M quickly and easily — luck I didn’t even recognize at the time — but when we started trying to add on to our family we ultimately went through three consecutive early losses along the way. Life after loss has coloured this pregnancy in many ways for me, and the experiences I’ve had being pregnant with M and with this baby have been so different. Communities like Hellobee really helped me through a lot of the hard parts, and I’m hoping I can give back in some way.

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I’m a writer for a living; Mac Daddy also works in communications and M is in preschool. We live in rural, remote northern Ontario — I always tell people to find a map of Ontario, look as north as you can, then flip it over and realize there’s a whole other section of the province up here! Being so farflung from family, and so distant from major cities and infrastructure, has certainly made our parenting journey a bit different, too.

I’m planning to share my perspective as a mom waiting for her second child, a parent recovering after loss, a woman with a feisty daughter, a northerner, and perhaps above all, someone who is learning to let go of control and embrace a bit of vulnerability. Thank you for having me!