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Museum and Beach day combined!

Adventure days

As our summer vacation was ending, Mr. Train was having a very busy time at work.  He works from home and has his own office, but when there are four kids running around screaming like banshees it can be a bit distracting. In order to help both of us from losing our minds, I decided that I […]


Favorite Etsy Clothing, Decor, and Newborn Photo Props

Etsy has some of the cutest and most unique items. I have purchased many gift and home decor items off Etsy, from wooden signs to coasters to passport holders to ornaments. Here’s my roundup of some of my favorite Etsy finds for babies. Baby Giraffe hat: I love newborn photos even though we didn’t really […]

4 Ways I Relax and De-stress

I think we all can agree that being a Mom is stressful 24/7 job! Whether you stay at home, work at home, work outside the home; no matter if you’re a Mom to one or four…. being a Mom is exhausting and at some point or another we all need a little break! I feel […]


When Your Oldest Starts Preschool

With Lil’ Pizza starting preschool, I feel like I’m slowly stepping into new territory. It’s only 2.5 hours, two times a week but it’s still a noticeable shift from how things used to be at home. I also registered her in a dance class, which was the first time I signed her up for a class. I wasn’t in […]

Back to Basics

When I first introduced myself to this website, I mentioned my hands off parenting approach. It could be called lazy parenting, 80’s parenting, or just simply back to basics. In the past two and half years, I’ve realized that I tend to over think and complicate things, planning too much and thinking too big. The most […]


Celebrate National Coffee Day with Coffee

Did you know today, September 29th is National Coffee Day? It’s sort of crazy how there is a national day for everything these days. However, coffee really does deserve a day. Seriously. True Story: I haven’t always liked coffee (Gasp). It was my husband, well at that point my boyfriend, who got me to start […]

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Searching for Home Daycare

Since we moved cities, we had to start over with our childcare search. But this time we looked for home daycares instead of preschools. Daycare is so different from preschool/toddler programs because they usually mix ages and can be more free spirited and less academic. It is probably more likely to get in right away at […]

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