Pumpkin Felt Board

Pumpkin carving is such a fun October activity, but it only lasts for a short time and kids can only help so much. A felt board pumpkin with face pieces is a great alternative, but what if you turned a real pumpkin into that felt board? It’s so easy to make and tons of fun.

Kids will love creating silly and spooky faces again and again, and you’ll love seeing them building fine motor skills and creativity.

Use Face Pieces in Different Ways


You will need:

Pumpkin (real or faux)
Orange felt or double-sided tape
Black flannel or felt
Craft glue

Cut Orange Felt Strips

The first step is to transform your pumpkin into a felt board. For a more “authentic” felt board, add felt to the pumpkin. To do this, cut small strips of orange felt. You will need at least five to start with, and you may want to cut more.

Another option is to use strips of double-sided tape. It’s clear, so it won’t show as much when the face pieces don’t completely cover it, but it may be harder for younger kids to see as they are working with the pumpkin.

Also, the stickiness of the tape works really well, but you will need to replace the tape at a certain point. When I tested it, mine held up for at least 20 times of sticking pieces on and removing them.

Glue the Strips to the Pumpkin

Glue the felt strips to the pumpkin as shown. The idea here is to have two for eyes, one for the nose and two for the mouth. You might even want to make an arrangement like this on two sides of the pumpkin so more than one child can play at the same time.

You can space them out however you like, but if you’re using the felt, I recommend that you keep the mouth fairly high. When it is on the lower area of the pumpkin tha curves under, the pieces don’t always want to stick.

Cut Out Mouth Pieces

Cut out some mouth pieces from flannel or felt.¬†Think about how you might carve the mouth of a pumpkin and don’t worry about getting them perfect. You can also look online for inspiration or let your kids help with this process.

Cut out Eyes and Noses

Next, cut out some eye and nose pieces. They can be as simple as triangles, circles and squares, but it’s fun to go for some unusual shapes too.

Often these can become interchangeable, so you may want to cut out three of some of these. Not to mention, it’s possible to use these same pieces to create mouths when you overlap them!

Attach Facial Features to the Pumpkin

Now it’s time to create some pumpkin faces!

Flannel Pieces Stick to the Felt

Just stick the flannel or felt shapes onto the tabs on the pumpkin…

Make Silly Faces on a Pumpkin

…and see what kinds of faces show up on your jack o’ lantern!

Turn a Pumpkin Into a Felt Board Jack o' Lantern Felt Activity

There are so many combinations you can make with this. And as your kids are designing their jack o’ lantern faces, you may come up with more shapes to cut out for your pumpkin. You could even add more tabs to¬†other areas of the pumpkin and use those for adding ears, horns, and more silly accessories.

Happy Halloween Crafting!