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Weekly Link Roundup – October 28, 2016

Last year we left on a 1 am flight to the Philippines after we went trick or treating. This year we’re throwing a Halloween party since there is no trick or treating around these parts, but we still want to keep up as many of our American traditions as we can. The kids have been […]


10 Soups (That Kids Will Love)

Soups are probably my favorite category of food and I could eat them every single day. Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup on a crisp fall or winter day. Even though I live in a tropical climate right now there’s never a wrong time for soup, and I regularly make them in my crock […]


I Worried I Didn’t Love My Baby Enough

In the days after we returned home from the hospital, I held Lion in my arms and stared in amazement at this tiny human being. I was interested in him and wanted to care for him, but one of my biggest fears throughout my first pregnancy was coming true: I didn’t love my baby. During […]

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My favorite gifts featuring my kid

Don’t tell 20-year-old me but I am totally one of those parents who uses a coffee mug featuring their kid’s mug all over it every day at work. Every day! There is nothing like seeing Will’s face during a meeting, and I realized recently that I have used one particular service almost 100% consistently for […]

How To Help Your Impulsive Hitter

Shortly after Big P turned 2, he started to hit. He didn’t do it very often and it seemed to come in random streaks – there would be 1-2 week stretches (sometimes longer) where he would impulsively hit when he was angry or overwhelmed, and then it would stop. I’ve never understood why he hits […]

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Holidays: Expectations vs. Reality

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody who’s met me, I really like holidays. Basically all of them, although Christmas is far and away my favorite. I start getting pumped for Halloween costumes in June, and generally settle on everybody’s outfits by August. Then, at about 10:00pm on October 31 my attention […]

Eliminating the Empty Threat

I recently shared all of the perks that came with putting Crumb in a school type program, and I considered writing a post about the cons but there is only one true negative so far, and that is poor behavior. While I can’t blame all of Crumb’s tantrums on his fall schedule (part of it […]

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