It’s been a crazy week and I’ve found it virtually impossible to focus on anything other than the presidential election and its aftermath. I can’t stop reading about it and am trying to sort through my own feelings, as well as understand others’ with opposing views. I know life will go on. But it’s impossible not to feel completely heartbroken over some of the hate fueled things that have been happening across the US. I can’t even watch the news with my kids in the room because I don’t know how to explain what’s happening in their home country to them. I hope Trump will denounce the hate.

I’m thankful for the weekend off to stop obsessing, breathe, and to hug my kids a little tighter. Hope you’re hanging in there.

Posting has been a little light this week, but we hope to be back to our normal schedule next week. Here are some links other than the politics that are probably dominating your newsfeeds right now.

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