I’m still in denial, but Lil’ Pizza recently turned four! Since her birthday is fairly close to Christmas, it’s often hard to get into birthday planning mode until all the festivities and the busyness of the season draw to an end. We only decided to throw her a birthday party with friends a week before her birthday. We texted some friends and then Mr. Pizza and I got busy preparing for the party after we put the girls down each night leading up to the party.

Lil’ Pizza has adored unicorns for quite some time.  I wrote a post about gift ideas for the unicorn obsessed and decided to keep running with that theme. We started looking up “unicorn kid parties” on Pinterest and the ideas we found were endless and amazing and seriously, over-the-top perfection. We were limited on time so I tried not to get too lost in all the unicorn ideas and reminded myself that it was for my four-year-old who really just wants food, fun, and friends and family.

As far as decor, I just focused on decorating one small area where we could take pictures. My sister personalized prints for Lil’ Pizza which were the sweetest; the unicorn balloons were a Christmas gift she received and I reused tassels that I had from Baby Pizza’s first birthday.


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For food, we had some of her favorite foods and incorporated some rainbow themed food like fruit and veggie rainbow trays, rainbow rice krispy treats and rainbow cupcakes which Mr. Pizza told everyone was “unicorn poop.” It’s become birthday tradition that we get her a chocolate cake from Portillo’s (a favorite restaurant chain) and add rainbow sprinkles all over it.

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We had four activities which included: making fruit loop necklaces, pinning the horn on the unicorn, decorating unicorn horns and playing the rainbow punch piñata game (we found the directions on how to make it here). Some of the kids didn’t want to decorate the horns, so Mr. Pizza got creative with the streamers and made special “suits.” Lil’ Pizza requested to look like a police officer (On a side note, don’t you just love her wild hair? …a true sign that she was having a good time). The kids loved playing the rainbow punch piñata game. We even encouraged some of the kids to use their horns, which was pretty funny to watch.

IMG_4576 IMG_4581

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Overall, the party was a success and we were happy with how everything turned out.

Happy birthday to my first baby!