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Baking Hacks for Busy Moms

I am a self-proclaimed home baker. I love baking so much, and I find it to be one of the things that relaxes me and makes me happy. The methodical methods and the end results are so rewarding. But I know how time consuming it is, so over the years, I have found a bunch […]


Things no one told me about early family living

Just as I was surprised about postpartum recovery, I was surprised about what life is like when you have kids. Particularly, little kids that cannot feed, dress or go to the bathroom on their own. When I bring these parts up to my mommy friends, they say “of course that’s our life now!” But why […]


Setting Up Self-Serve Stations

Before A was born, I decided to set up a snack drawer for M in our fridge. She had just learned how to open the fridge door and rather than lock her out, I wanted to work with it, knowing that she would eventually outsmart any childproofing attempts. I had heard from experienced mama friends […]


Things I Said I Would Never Do Before Having a Kid

I’m four-plus years into this parenting gig, and I feel like I’ve settled into a nice groove. No, I don’t get as much time to myself or enjoy as much disposable income as I would like, but that’s life with a kid. And yes, I could definitely do without the daily power struggles and battles […]


Everyday Baby Items

It’s easy to take the everyday things for granted and forgot how much you appreciate them. It’s amazing the things they come up with these days – from technology to mom-made gear. We’re pretty lucky to be living in this day and age. There are definitely items I’ve used since Petit Macaron was born, and […]

Link Roundup – February 20, 2017

We’re taking President’s Day off, but we have a ton of interesting parenting links to share with you from around the web from this past week! EDUCATION Why it’s important to read aloud with your kids, and how to make it count via Washington Post DeVos Spars With Teachers, Trump On Autism And More Education […]

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Making Progress – Early Intervention Update at 2 Years Old

My little guy just had his six month EI meeting to review his progress. Overall, he’s moving forward and closing the developmental gap, but he’s not quite there yet. Some areas he’s really taking off, other areas he needs some more work. Fine Motor:  This is the area he improved the most. Before he had […]

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