I don’t think movies will be the same for our kids as they were for us when we were growing up. Back then everyone watched the same movies, tickets were much more affordable, it took forever for movies to come out on VHS, and going to the local Blockbuster to rent videotapes was a family event. Earlier today I was mentioning to Mr. Bee how I purchased Titanic on VHS, and it came on two cassettes because it was so long. Ah the good old days.

Watching movies was such a huge part of my childhood growing up, whether it was going to the movie theater at the mall with my friends, or to the local Blockbuster and fighting over which titles to rent with my brother. We were allowed to watch things that were way beyond our years like the Exorcist and Firestarter when they were on tv. But these flicks are all family friendly (I didn’t include cartoons) and largely star kids.

movie posters


The Wizard of Oz
Sound of Music
Willy Wonka
Stand By Me
Indiana Jones
Back to the Future
The Princess Bride
Neverending Story
Cloak and Dagger
Flight of the Navigator
Milo and Otis
Homeward Bound
Edward Scissorhands
Mrs. Doubtfire

What would your list include?