Did you know you can buy a gender prediction DNA test on Amazon? I certainly didn’t when we first found out we were expecting Baby #3 last fall!

Before I share a bit about our experience with the SneakPeek test, I want to first acknowledge that gender testing can be a controversial topic. It may seem crazy to you to pay money to find out your baby’s sex early, and I totally get that. But for some reason, especially with this pregnancy, knowing whether our baby was a boy or a girl was really important to me. And I missed advanced maternal age by 25 days, so there was no early blood test available to me at my OB’s office.


Imagine my surprise then when I googled “early gender testing” and found out that you can buy the SneakPeek – Early Gender Prediction DNA Test. The test claims to be 99% accurate and has decent reviews on Amazon and mixed but mostly favorable reviews on other baby sites (so proceed with caution – I’m just sharing my own experience, which was positive).

I bought the test, did the test by myself at home on a Tuesday morning (the box ominously says not to let any male touch it), and sent the sample back in a prepaid envelope that same Tuesday. I received an email on Saturday informing me my sample had arrived and then another email on Sunday telling me Y chromosome DNA was detected in my sample and we were having a boy.



~ If you want to know your baby’s sex ASAP and don’t qualify for Advanced Maternal Age, you can do so as early as 9 weeks.

~ If you are worried about gender disappointment (no shame here – I totally get it), you can find out early & give yourself extra time to process your feelings at home.

~ Relatively inexpensive (about $80 regularly priced) & fast (I did the test and got my results in less than a week).

~ Can do the test at home without a prescription or trip to a lab.

~ My test was accurate! It said BOY and we are in fact having another boy!


~ $80 is a lot more than a lab copay and not an insignificant amount of money. I was lucky to buy the test on sale for about $15 off on Cyber Monday.

~ I am not squeamish about blood or needles, but I struggled to get my sample. I had to prick myself twice (and it hurt way worse than it does at the lab; I don’t think a 2nd career in phlebotomy is in my future), and I was definitely worried about cross-contamination.

~ There are mixed reviews on the internet about this test. Specifically it seems like some women get girl results and end up having boys. That seemed counterintuitive to me at first – wouldn’t you be more likely to contaminate your sample with boy DNA, which is what the test is looking for? But then I read some more and realized that, like a pregnancy test, you’re more likely to get a false negative (or a girl result) than a false positive (a boy result). All that said, I would recommend confirming your gender results with an ultrasound.

.  .  .  .  .

Overall though my experience with the SneakPeek test was positive, and for me personally it was nice to know ahead of time that we were likely having a 3rd boy.

Do you want to find out your baby’s gender or are you Team Green? I so wish I had the patience and willpower to be Team Green, but alas that is not me.