As parents, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier and I am no exception. Mr. Cookie and I stumbled upon most of these ideas naturally and while none of them are very earth-shattering or unique, they work really well for our family.  I thought I’d pass them along in case they can work for your family too!

8 Parenting Mini-Hacks:

1) I store pacifiers in my bra when out in public.  I’m a bit of a germaphobe and did not want to continually wipe down or rinse off pacifiers after they land on the floor, or in another kid’s mouth, so when a paci is not in use I shove it in my cleavage for safe keeping and quick access.

2) We use humidifiers, space heaters, and fans as white noise and have never bought an actual white noise machine. I didn’t want to get in the habit of the boys needing loud, dull noise to fall asleep, but we usually have the low hum of their humidifiers going at night. The space heaters and fans depend on the season and any extra white noise they give off is just a bonus!

3) For storing breast milk in the freezer we use empty soda boxes.  When I was pumping a lot with Crumb we organized each 12 pack by month so it was easy to see how much we had and easy to donate based on the date.

4) We use receiving blankets as extra burp cloths. Our boys spit up CONSTANTLY for the first six months so we would fold up receiving blankets to drape over our shoulder and to lay on the floor underneath their heads to catch all the milk. We went through burp cloths like crazy so using blankets basically doubled our supply.


5) We use little trash cans for dirty diapers instead of a large diaper pail. We empty them at least every other day and we use plastic grocery bags as liners. This white one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is in both boys’ rooms and we love it. When we’re done with diapers (someday…) the trash bins can be used for trash and we won’t need to dispose of a diaper pail.

6) We use those yellow and pink bins we got from the hospital as sensory bins. One of them is currently filled with oatmeal, small dinosaurs, and trucks and it’s very popular. We’ve also used the bins to wash breast pump supplies, and we sometimes fill them with soapy water so Crumb can “wash dishes” alongside mama. They are the perfect size for so many things.


7) I use gallon sized zip-lock bags to keep my diaper bag organized. One baggie is filled with extra clothing, one with toys for baby, one with cars for big brother, etc. The bags aren’t full so they can be squished in the center area nicely and it makes locating something so much easier for this chronic over-packer.

8) Our train table is the focal point of our living room and we do not have a coffee table. We used to have the train table near a wall, but when we bought new couches and storage for the living room, we moved the train table to the center of the room.  It makes playing with the boys easier and the dark wood at the bottom matches our furniture nicely.

DSC07314 (2)