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Link Roundup – Friday, March 31, 2017

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day! I haven’t planned anything fun for my kids yet, but I will definitely do something as my kids love this silly holiday! Here are some interesting parenting links we found around the web this week! E D U C A T I O N Nonacademic Skills Are Key To Success. […]


First Baby Registry Essentials

I was recently asked by a friend who was expecting her first baby what she should put on her baby registry. I thought it may be easier to just log into her Amazon account and start dropping in items for her. By the end of it, I was surprised at how overwhelming it could be! […]


(Week)day in the Life: Baby at Home & Preschooler

I love day in the life posts! It’s fun to see little snippets of people’s realities. In this case, I took these photos and notes on a weekday, which meant M was away at preschool. I think it’d be interesting to compare that to a weekend when Mac Daddy and M are home, or in […]

bunk beds

To Bunk Bed or Not to Bunk Bed

I am considering getting bunk beds for my boys. Am I completely insane? Big P will be 4 in a few months and Little P turns 2 in less than a month, and we desperately need to figure out a new/different/hopefully better sleeping situation for our family before Baby P arrives this summer. Photo from Pottery Barn Kids Here […]

Using Pig Latin to Teach Your Kids to Read

Last year Charlie watched an episode of Teen Titans that featured the characters speaking pig latin. He was immediately obsessed with learning this “language” and has been using it regularly since. He was 6 years old and could read, so it was easy for him to pick up. I’m sure most of you are aware of […]


What to Put into your Easter Basket

Petit Macaron was around last Easter as an infant, but I have a feeling this year will be even more fun since he’s more of a toddler now and can get into the spirit more.  I am looking forward to Easter and carrying on the traditions with him that I loved so much as a little […]

Retrospective: Best and Worst of Age 2-2.5 Years

Lion just hit 2.5 years and I have to say that this was a really fun stage! Yes, there are challenges, but toddlers are just so adorable! Biggest Challenges: Tantrums. Tantrums, again. We have entered the terrible twos! Although the tantrums subsided dramatically between 18-24 months, they came back with a vengeance around age 2. They’re […]

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