I’m officially 12 weeks pregnant, and it feels great! I have a small bump that I’m having increasing difficulty hiding from the people whom I haven’t told about my pregnancy yet. I’m using my pregnancy body pillow every night, and I’m starting to wear some of the maternity tops that I received as hand-me-downs, though I’m still too small for anything with panels. I’m definitely showing sooner this time around than last time!

pregnancy twelve weeks

Twelve weeks

How many weeks along are you? 12

Due date? September 27

How much weight have you gained? 10 pounds

Symptoms? nausea all day long (getting slightly better); fatigue, occasional headaches

How is baby looking? The size of a lime, baby is looking significantly more baby-like. We got to see it on the ultrasound this morning, and it was really funny to see the jerky movements when the tech would press down on my belly. We got some great images of baby in profile, as well as some cool 3D pics.


How is Little Cotton Candy adjusting? He’s still curious about the baby and always refers to it as “she.” He tells me he is going to help feed her. He often asks me how big she is now, as I have been sharing with him the weekly updates from Baby Center that compare baby’s size to a fruit or other inanimate object.

How is Mr. Cotton Candy adjusting? He’s a cool customer, as always. He has been pulling twice his weight around the house since my pregnancy symptoms started. I have zero energy by the time he gets home in the evenings, so he usually has to do bath and bedtime duty. He is handling it like a champ. He seems excited for baby to get here, but not in a particular hurry (same as me!).

How much planning have you done? We have been doing some financial planning: researching maternity leave options, applying for and working several extra freelance gigs in order to save up money, setting up a 529 for Little Cotton Candy, basically getting as many things squared away as possible while we have more free time. I have also put together a private Amazon wish list of the things we will need to buy or borrow before baby is born. The only thing I have bought for the baby so far is a vintage mid-century dresser that will serve as clothes storage and a changing table.

What does the nursery look like? Right now, it’s still mostly a guest-room-slash-music-equipment-storage-area. However, I have washed and folded all the hand-me-down baby clothes, blankets, and burp cloths I’ve received, and put them away neatly into the dresser. Our other extra baby things are hanging out in the closet. The plan is actually to keep the full-size bed set up in the nursery until baby is ready to transition from our bedroom to the crib; this way, our in-laws will have somewhere to sleep when they come to visit after baby is born.

What are you missing the most? My regular appetite. I hate that my body hates almost everything, including beloved foods like peanut butter, and essentials like water. (WTF, body?)

What’s the most exciting thing about this stage? Seeing my belly start to grow, and knowing that I am so close to the second trimester.

Who are my other first trimester mamas? How are you hanging in there?