March 14, 2017
Crumb- 2.5, Chip- 1 year

6:25 AM: Mr. Cookie wakes me up before my alarm to say both boys are awake. They frequently wake up around the same time. We divide and conquer. I get Chip and bring him into my bed to nurse so I can lay down for a few more moments and Mr. Cookie goes to Crumb’s room. I hear them chatting away which means he’s in a good mood this morning. Crumb often wakes up crabby, but it is getting better as he gets older.

6:45 AM: This part of the morning varies a lot but today I jump into the shower first and Mr. Cookie preps breakfast while the boys play at their train table in the living room.

7:10 AM: It’s Mr. Cookie’s turn to shower and I take over at the table to sit with the boys and eat breakfast myself.


7:30 AM: Mr. Cookie and our dog McKenna head off to work.  Mr. Cookie’s office is dog-friendly so McKenna goes to work every day and she absolutely LOVES it.

8:00 AM: The kitchen is all cleaned up and the boys are playing together somewhat nicely.  I change my first poopy diaper of the day and get Crumb dressed.


8:10 AM: We move to Chip’s room to change him.  The boys enjoy reading the board books in Chip’s nursery so I leave them like this and go next door to put on deodorant, brush my teeth, and check my phone.

I come back to this:

book explosion


8:30 AM: I nurse Chip and put him to bed for his first nap. He was up a lot last night so he’s going to bed two hours after waking up instead of 2.5 hours. I put on a TV show for Crumb, set him up with a snack and I get to work. I put on my make-up, prep food for our play date at the Mall of America, start the laundry, respond to emails, and begin this blog post.

9:15 AM: Chip is already awake! That is a short nap but on the plus side, we won’t be late to meet our friends. I start gathering stuff and do last-minute diaper changes.

9:45 AM: We’re finally getting out the door. Why does it take SO LONG to leave the house!?!?

10:15 AM: We meet up with my friend and her two boys at the MOA’s Crayola Experience. It’s busy because of a school group but we go to the less popular areas and all the kiddos have a great time!

crayola experience

11:45 AM: Lunch at the food court with our friends. The boys zoom their cars and trucks back and forth on the table after eating which gives us moms a little bit longer to chat. We commiserate about the lack of potty training going on in our houses and discuss the cost of birthday parties. Real thrilling stuff.

12:45 PM: Time to head home for naps. Crumb loves listening to his music in the car. I miss the radio!

car (2)

1:15 PM: We’re back and we’ve brought in the trash and recycling bins and now Crumb is asking for a snack. I think he played more than he ate during lunch. But then again, my kid is always hungry.

1:30 PM: I change poopy diaper #2 of the day, this time for Chip, and I nurse him before putting him down for a nap.

1:45 PM: I change another poopy diaper of Crumb’s (which makes a grand total of 3 for the day, but many times the number is closer to 5 or 6) and sing to him before putting him down for a nap. I do a few quick chores while checking the monitor. Chip doesn’t fall asleep until closer to 2 PM. I am starting to wonder if he’s getting a cold.

2:00 PM: Disclaimer: I was meant to be a SAHM and I find it very fulfilling. While I’m completely and totally in love with all the time I get with my babies, there is nothing more glorious than the DOUBLE NAP. For now, I have it set up where both boys take an afternoon nap at the same time, and guys, it is so restorative for me. I purposely take this time to lay in bed and relax, looking at my phone, reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, or browsing FB. I know it won’t last forever so I’m soaking it up for as long as I can!

2:50 PM: Chip is up already, noooo! Two crappy/short naps in one day, something is definitely up. I let him cry for a little bit while I practice my lines because sometimes he’ll go back to sleep. Today is not one of those days. And by 3:10, big brother is up too.

3:10 PM: Crumb is crying because we are out of smoothies and Chip is crying because I have to set him down to pick up Crumb. They both want to be held after their naps, which I totally understand but it’s hard when they wake up around the same time.

3:15 PM: I put on Little Einsteins for Crumb. I nurse Chip and play puzzles with him to coax him out of his bad mood. Thankfully it works!

up from nap

4:00 PM: My mom comes over to hang out with the boys and visit me. Yay! I love these days when she stops by after she is done teaching. I fold my laundry, make notes on this blog post, and catch up with her while she plays with the boys in the basement.

5:00 PM: I made a crock pot meal of chicken, potatoes, and carrots yesterday that I didn’t end up needing so we’re having that tonight instead. I love nights of minimal dinner prep. My mom leaves.

5:30 PM: Mr. Cookie is home but we have already started eating without him. The boys are hungry shortly after 5 PM.

6:00 PM: Dinner is cleaned up and I’m starting to get ready for rehearsal. It’s hard to leave the boys right at bedtime but I’m having a great time being in a show. It’s making me a better parent to be able to be with my kids during the day AND practice one of my passions at night. We give the boys a bath every other night and tonight is an off night so we lay in “mama’s bed,” as Crumb calls it and the boys and I cuddle, make a fort with the blankets, or play an animal game on my phone.

6:20 PM: I change Chip into his pj’s before nursing him and handing him off to Daddy.

6:40 PM: I leave for rehearsal. Mr. Cookie will put Chip to bed by 6:45, and Crumb to bed at 7:30.

9:15 PM: I’m home from rehearsal and I catch up with Mr. Cookie briefly as it’s the first time we’ve really talked all day.

9:30 PM: It’s Tuesday so I make Crumb’s lunch for school tomorrow and put it in the fridge. I also grab a snack for myself because I’m starving! I know eating late at night is so bad for you but I am hungry and weak at the end of the day!

9:40 PM: I’m in bed, looking on my phone again, doing a whole lot of nothing. Mr. Cookie is finishing up on whatever he was doing before I came home, which is sometimes work, watching a show, or playing a video game.

10:20 PM: Mr. Cookie comes to bed and it’s lights out. All is quiet in the Cookie household.