I love day in the life posts. It’s like a raw glance into the routines of different families. I’ve been planning to do this for awhile, but have been failing to remember in the morning to start taking photos, and here we are over a month after I planned. I found myself wishing I could snap a better picture, or a better moment, but this is life. This is what it looks like right now. Every day is a little different, but I cherish this season.

It was a Friday, W napped a little more than usual, treated bedtime like a nap (typical) and I ended work a little early (TGIF).

8:00am – I wake up. 

We’re still struggling with our four-month sleep regression most nights still, and around 5-6:00am I have been bringing W into bed with us for a couple of hours. I was always petrified of bringing him into our bed, but now that he’s a bit bigger I’ve been enjoying morning snuggle time. W wakes up a few minutes after me, we get up, feed the dog and I nurse him. 

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Safety note: I was holding W in this photo and we’re always very careful about blankets/pillows when we are both sleeping with him in the bed


9:00am – Kitchen Hang-outs

Usually before I begin work for the day, we’re all getting things going. After I nursed W, I jumped in the shower, pumped and then started to work on getting breakfast for myself. Mr. M, the saint always handles coffee. 

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10:00am – Nap and Work Calls

I feed W a few minutes before my call – what we call a “top up” and I hand him over to Mr. M. He works on getting W down for his first nap of the day. I have a work call to jump on that was a few minutes late to start. 

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11:00am – Nap and call continues

At 11:00am I’m still on my work call that’s now running a bit long, and W is still napping. I get off my call at about 11:30 and start working on my lunch. Mr. M has been relaxing because he kept thinking W would wake up any minute (since his naps have been much shorter lately).

12:00pm – Lunch and W wakes up

W slept two hours! This is wild for both of us and a rarity these days. I finish my lunch and then feed W before my next call at 12:30pm. 

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1:00pm – Work and Play

Mr. M and W are sitting on the couch “reading” a map. I’ve been on my  two hour work call for half an hour. I love being able to work and have them nearby. I’m going to miss this so much when Mr. M returns to work. 

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2:00pm – Calls and naps

W has been sleeping for about 25 minutes, and I am finishing up my call for 2:30pm. I have an appointment one town over at 3:00pm so I have to get out the door! I nurse W, and we leave by 2:45pm.

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3:00pm – Bra fitting

My appointment is for a nursing bra fitting. I’m tired of having bras that don’t fit properly. I find a bra that fits. The store owner has her baby at the store with her, which leads us to discuss (non-existent) maternity leave for small business owners in Canada. It’s kind of nice when I meet other women in my shoes. I buy my bra, grab some vegetarian burgers from my favourite vegetarian deli and head home. 

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4:00pm – Heading home and more naps 

I’m heading home and W falls asleep on the drive. 

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5:00pm – Playtime 

When we get home, W wakes up after a short catnap and we play in the Jolly Jumper for a little bit. He’s just starting to get the hang of it. I change his diaper and feed him. 

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6:00pm – Hanging out while Dad preps

W and I play on the couch while Mr. M heats up the burgers and cuts up veggies. We eat dinner and then give W a bath. 

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7:00pm – Attempt #1 at bedtime

We’ve been having a hard time with getting W down at a reasonable hour. He’s tired and ready for bed, so I feed W and he falls asleep, so we miss the full bedtime routine. While I’m feeding him Mr. W gets the room set-up for sleep (white noise, video monitor, etc.). 

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8:00pm – Naptime Bedtime

W woke up screaming from teething pain. We get him calmed down, give him some Tylenol and hangout for a bit doing some quiet activities. Usually if he sleeps longer than an hour, I feed him again and treat it like the middle of the night, but he’s wide awake, so we know we’ll be up with him for awhile. 

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9:00pm – Tea and Bedtime #2

I make some tea, and feed W again. He’s still awake so we implement the full routine. We pick two stories and read in our bed. After the story, he starts to get drowsy, I swaddle him and put him down with his pacifier.  He slowly drifts off to sleep. I’m finally starting to see our efforts pay off and it’s kind of like magic to watch. He’s asleep by 9:30pm. Mr. M and I watch a few episodes of Love on Netflix and then I go to bed!

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