Petit Macaron was around last Easter as an infant, but I have a feeling this year will be even more fun since he’s more of a toddler now and can get into the spirit more.  I am looking forward to Easter and carrying on the traditions with him that I loved so much as a little girl myself.

I loved Easter egg hunts as a kid. I would make my grandma hide eggs in my room and have Easter egg hunts repeatedly. The eggs didn’t even have candy in them, I just loved the game. I have a good feeling Petit Macaron will share this same love since he already enjoys picking up things and putting them in boxes or baskets. But, my favorite Easter tradition is Easter baskets. As a child, my sister and I would leave our baskets out for the Easter bunny the night before. Come Easter morning, there would be a trail of eggs from our bedrooms, through the house, and leading you in one room. Then you would have to find your hidden basket in that room. Once the baskets were found, the whole family would sit down in the living room and we’d see what the Easter Bunny brought. I am definitely going to do this basket tradition with Petit Macaron.

Now I’m the parent, I mean Easter Bunny, and need to figure out what to put in his basket. I did some thinking, and remembering what I used to get in my basket and came up with the below ideas.



1. Stuffed Animal Bunny  – There was always a stuffed animal in my basket, and it was usually a cute bunny. The Jellycat stuffed animals are so soft and cute. I think this Jellycat Bunny would be perfect in the basket.

2. Chocolate Easter Bunny – I always had a hard time eating my chocolate bunny’s head. Did you have this problem? My sister was the same way. We both also didn’t like to eat it too fast because it was special and we wanted to savor it. I dunno, maybe we were just weird kids. We usually got a See’s Candy chocolate bunny, which are so delicious, but too cute to eat (almost)!

3. Music – You can’t go wrong with music! Older kids might enjoy an iTunes gift card, but youngsters might like a CD. Check out this post for some music ideas!

4. Stickers – Stickers are small but mighty! Stickers like these chicks or bunny faces would be total winners. Or, a sticker book like this one would be a fun.

5. Bath Fun – I remember getting Bath and Body Works in my basket. I bought some California Baby Bubble Bath to put in Petit Macaron’s basket. He hasn’t had a bubble bath yet, so I’m really looking forward to the excitement. These Boon Cog gears are another item I’m adding to our basket. Bath time is going to be a blast!

6. Art Supplies – I’ll probably start putting crafty items in Petit Macaron’s Easter basket next year, but I look forward to buying crayons, markers, and coloring books to stuff in his basket. Oh, and these chalk eggs would be so cute.

7. Books – One of my favorite Easter books growing up was The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes. This is definitely going into Petit Macaron’s basket this year for us to read together for many years to come (hopefully he likes it just as much).

Also, I bought the book Dance for his basket. We picked it up at the library recently and have been reading it nightly, so I figured I should buy it for our own library. Other fun books would be The Runaway Bunny, Peter Rabbit, or Pat the Bunny!

8. Small Toys – Small toys or games, such as puzzles, building blocks, or toy cars would all be great to add into a basket. Silly putty would be fun or maybe a small car.

9. Cup or Straw – A sippy cup or a twisty straw would make a nice addition to the basket. Not only useful, but fun for the kids. Who doesn’t like a swirly straw?!

10. Candy – Yum! Little candies were always stuffed inside plastic Easter eggs in our baskets. My personal favorites were (and still are) Jelly Belly jellybeans and Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. Sometimes we would get some Ghiradelli’s chocolates or Cadbury Creme Eggs. All Easter themed, of course!

Petit Macaron isn’t quite at the candy eating age yet, so I’m thinking I’ll put in some of his favorite snacks like Bambas. He goes crazy over Bambas! Or, sticking with the Easter theme, maybe these Peter Rabbit Organic squeezes.


11. Other Ideas  – A few other ideas: bubbles, bibs, rattles, magnets, or whistles! Paper Source, Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids, and Target have some darn sweet things as well.

12. The Basket – Don’t forget to have a basket to present it all! I got Petit Macaron this basket and had it personalized. I think Peter Rabbit is so darling. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail this week.

What are some of your Easter traditions? Any ideas on what to put in the basket?