The Cotton Candies are going on a road trip on Easter weekend for the wedding of a close friend. We’re super excited to be at the wedding and take a mini road trip! Since we will be in a hotel on Easter Sunday, we had to figure out how we were going to conduct our normal Easter festivities (basically your typical egg-hiding/hunting). I thought about hiding the eggs for Little CC to find on a different day, and we also briefly considered hiding them before we leave and then letting Little CC find them on Sunday night when we return. But ultimately, after taking a straw poll of my mom friends, we decided that packing up our Easter stuff with us and hiding the eggs at the hotel would be the most fun option.

easter monkey
Little Cotton Candy dressed up as the Easter monkey on Easter Sunday two years ago

Little Cotton Candy is really into the Easter bunny right now and has been asking me a lot of questions about her. Yes, including the question of whether it’s a boy or girl. I told him I don’t know—maybe the Easter bunny is neither! But he decided she is a girl. (He has also decided baby #2 is a girl, and I have no idea what his thought process is based on, but there you go.) He has asked how the Easter bunny gets in the house to hide the eggs. (Me: I don’t know, what do you think? Little CC: Maybe she shrinks down and fits under the door. Maybe she walks through the wall.) He’s also asked me where does she get her candy, is she a real rabbit, and can she see what he’s doing every day. We saw the Easter bunny at a local mall a couple weeks ago, and Little Cotton Candy said, “I don’t think that’s the real Easter bunny.” But when we got up close enough for the bunny to wave at Little CC, he had the biggest smile on his face.


Because he is so into all things Easter bunny, I wanted to make sure we did this right. So I told Little Cotton Candy that I had sent an email to the Easter bunny and that she told me she would be stopping by our hotel room instead of our house since we are going to be out of town on Easter Sunday. He seemed to buy this explanation and started to get even more excited for Easter.

So here’s the game plan: We need to sneak the Easter basket, plastic eggs, treats and presents into the car. Then we have to hide them somewhere in the hotel room once we get there because any candy left in the car will 100% melt. (I know it’s snowing in some parts of the US, but we are in Texas and it’s already hot AF.) We have to hope that Little Cotton Candy falls asleep at a reasonable hour and isn’t up into the wee hours of the night due to being cooped up in a car earlier that morning and taking an accidental car nap. Then we have to play Easter bunny and hide all the eggs in the hotel room. Luckily he is a heavy sleeper.

Overall, I think it will be worth it, and hopefully it will make this Easter feel really special to him. The Easter bunny cared enough to come all the way to his hotel room!

We reuse the same plain Easter basket every year, and I try to keep up with the plastic eggs and paper Easter grass so I don’t have to buy new every year, but Little Cotton Candy does like to take his basket down from time and time and play with it, so things sometimes get misplaced. I told him on the way to school today that we need to start looking for his eggs to save for the Easter bunny because she cares about the environment and likes to reuse eggs.

In addition to some of his favorite seasonal Easter candies, like Sour Patch Bunnies and Cadbury Mini Eggs, we will be including a small gift or two for Little Cotton Candy. He asked me specifically for a pink watch that he can wear to school, so I picked out this one for him. We like to include at least one non-candy item in his basket each year, but we try to keep things modest. I’d also like to throw in a hollow chocolate bunny because my parents always got one for me and both of my brothers every Easter.

Does your family celebrate the secular part of Easter by hiding eggs from the Easter bunny for the kiddos to find? What is your favorite Easter family tradition?