Oh my, I don’t understand where the time goes. The days are flying by with the girls and they are now 11 months and 10 months old. Here in Chicago, the weather has been improving and it is definitely feeling like spring and it is lifting everyone’s moods, including Lilly and Audrey’s!



Both girls are crawling a great deal. Within the past couple of weeks, Lilly finally got the hang of traditional crawling and has upgraded from her army crawl. But I still would say that she’s 50/50 traditionally crawling/army crawling. She is more likely to crawl traditionally on carpeted surfaces or outside on the grass and my hunch is that she doesn’t like to hurt her knees by crawling on our wood floors.

Both girls are on the move
Both girls are on the move


As for Audrey, she is currently a flurry of motion. She always was our “chill” baby and her personality shifted a little bit when she started crawling. She is always on the move these days, and she cracks us up with how determined she gets – she will crawl right over us or her sister if she sees something that piques her interest!

Audrey is currently more fearless than Lilly. We are at the age where the girls are moving around a lot, and pulling to standing, and so the likelihood of falls and bumps are much higher than they have been up to this point. It’s been interesting to watch the different girls react to physical obstacles. Audrey pushes through them quickly and her curiosity drives her actions; on the other hand, Lilly is more scared by some of these experiences and her fear seems to drive her actions. I’m not sure if these differences are the cause of them hitting physical development milestones at different times, but Audrey is making much more progress on standing and cruising than Lilly (although Lilly gets the most adorable thrilled look on her face when we help her stand up).

Left: Audrey is pulling up to standing   


The girls are so engaged and fun to be around these days! They are full of smiles and they find so much delight in the silliest and simplest of things.

Since I can remember, Lilly has loved music and watching me dance. This love has continued to this day and is ramping up in the cutest way. Lilly’s absolute favorite toy right now is a little toy cellphone that plays music. She loves to push the button and watch me dance in response – recently she has started to rock back-and-forth as she “dances” along with me. And within only the past day, Audrey seems to have picked up on the fact that she also can make her mommy dance if she plays some sort of music, and she is now joining in the fun. I love watching them bop around and sway and giggle to music, and good thing too because it seems like nearly every single one of their toys seems to play some sort of music!

 The girls play on their music table. This is a favorite in the Starfish house right now.

Both girls also really love to take things out of containers right now. They love to pull hats out of their hat box; they love to pull books out of their book basket; and they love to pull their ring-a-links out of their plastic toy lawnmower (because, you know, where else would ring-a-links be stored than a lawnmower?). Sometimes I can get them to move these objects back into the container but that is not nearly as interesting to them as pulling them out.

Busy at work pulling all of their hats out of their hat box
Busy at work pulling all of their hats out of their hat box

Recently the girls have started to roll balls to me. Audrey in particular really loves this activity, and she gets so excited when I ask her to “roll ball.” I’ve also noticed that one of Audrey’s favorite “words” right now is “ba-ba” and I wonder if she’s saying “ball” or “bottle” (or ok, neither!).

On the negative end of the spectrum, both girls got hit by some really awful colds over the past month. Both Lilly and Audrey were downright miserable for over a week,and unfortunately, our nanny had to deal with the worst of it. Understandably, this put a dent in their activities within the baby/toddler social circuit that our nanny has so carefully cultivated for them. All of us are thrilled that they finally seem to have recovered and they are back to their busy social lives!

As for major events, we celebrated the girls’ first Easter this past week. They were downright fascinated by their Easter baskets, and of course, carefully put everything that they received into their mouths for proper vetting.

Lilly and Audrey explore their Easter baskets…


The girls’ daytime and nighttime sleep schedules and routines have not changed over the past month. The only thing that I can think of in this category is that Audrey has recently started to pull up to standing a lot and she once got herself stuck standing at 5:30 in the morning. My early morning self felt equal parts pity for her to be stuck in that position, and confusion about if she had done that in her sleep or had woken up at that hour and decided it would be fun to do!?


Similar to sleep, I can’t report on much change with regard to eating because there hasn’t been much change over the past month.

One new thing is that Mr. Starfish and I have started to take the girls to a restaurant each Saturday morning after swim class for a family brunch. So far we have only attempted Panera, and I’d love suggestions on other recommendations with healthy-ish and affordable meals that are child-friendly! The girls have so far been quite well-behaved on our brunch dates and we all have enjoyed getting out of the house together for a special treat. With the weather making such a lovely turn, perhaps there are some picnic lunches in our near future!