I’ve always loved birthdays and hosting gatherings at my home so I knew I’d be one of those moms who’d enjoy planning and hosting parties for my children’s birthdays. Not only do we have these great memories from each of our son’s first birthday parties, but we also have amazing professional photos to commemorate and celebrate their first year of life. Getting a full professional session done about once a year is definitely a luxury and something we have to save up for, but I never regret getting the pictures taken. We stumbled upon our photographer through a recommendation from a friend and haven’t looked back since. It’s become so comfortable that taking pictures with her is almost easy (I say almost because well, toddlers). I don’t have to stress or worry or feel rushed and I know she will do a fantastic job of capturing the love and joy in our family. All photos taken by the wonderful Annie Wiegers Photography.


ONE! (6 of 101)

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Fitzy _ One-40#7624
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For Crumb’s first birthday I chose an airplane theme. It’s really easy to get carried away and spend a ton of money on decorations and food, but I feel like we did a good job of not going over the top while still having a great time. Mr. Cookie and I put up signs that would usually be found in an airport and we handed out small aviator sunglasses as favors. I printed a 4×6 photo of Crumb from each month and an 8×10 from his 12-month photo session and hung them on a string using clothespins. My mom made a fantastic watermelon airplane and my sister made adorable cloud and plane cookies. We had cupcakes for guests and a small smash cake for Crumb.


DSC08835 (2)

It’s hard to believe my baby has also passed the one year mark, but Chip’s birthday was at the beginning of March. The theme for his party was rockets and space. We decorated with balloons and planets and handed out nerf rockets and bubbles as favors. My mom made fruit rockets and I hung up Chip’s month pics just like I did with Crumb. My sister offered to be in charge of space themed games which I was thankful for considering it was too cold to go outside and the whole party took place indoors.



Did you have a theme for your LO’s first birthday?