My favorite baby name website was Nameberry, and you can check out their 50 hottest 2017 names list here. Here’s what our Bees have to say about their current favorite names!

I need this list for girls! Maybe we’ll find a winner there. Some past favorites that don’t feel right this time are Celia, Rosalie, & Quinn. If the little one was a boy, we were going to use Rowan.

avatar (13)For girls: Luna, Ruth, Murray, Cecelia (Cece), Beatrix
For boys: Wallace, Mars

avatar (1)Girls: Amelia, Clara, Vivienne, Alice, Cora, Lydia, Josephine, Elise, Lucy, Quinn, Eleanor
Boys: Jack, Henry, Owen, Dean, Logan, Parker (given the shorter list here, clearly I haven’t given as much thought to boys names! )

avatar (7)Girls: Hadley/Hattie, Hannah, Sloane, Harlow, Willa, Maeve,
Boys: Calvin, Everett, Callum, Lane, Sawyer, Levi, Silas

 Boys: Orville, Owen, Oliver, Otis
Girls: Aurelia, Ondine, Ora, Ocean

Can you tell I like the letter O?


avatar (3) We (likely) have both our girl name and boy name picked out for if we have a third, which I won’t share, but other names we have discussed and like include:

Boys: Evan, Kaden, Brady, Kaleb, Thomas and Lucas
Girls: Amelie, Elizabeth, Kiley, Kaelyn, Kendall

 If my second had been a girl, he would have been Thea or Evangeline (Eva). Other favorites are Adelaide, Madeleine, and Quinn.

We chose Logan for our second, but it was a close tie with Finn and Beckett. The other top contenders were Elliott, Eli, Hayes, Emmett, and Wesley.

 Not counting the name we are using for the baby boy I am currently cooking:

Boys: Knox, Leo, Gavin, Hudson
Girls: Emerson, Scarlett, Sadie, Piper, Adelaide

Here are some names I’m loving in case we have a second one.
Girls: Olivia, Ada, Sloan, Hattie
Boys: Brody, Jackson, Ollie

avatar (12)I’m still pretty fond of Ruby (my daughter’s name), but I also love Elodie, Elsie, Zoe, Sofia and Avery.
For boys, my favorites are Noah, Jonah, Micah and Lucas.

avatar (2)I am admittedly very picky so my lists are super short!
For girls, there are my two long-time loves: Eden and Isla.
For boys, (not including the name we have picked for a potential third little guy), Alistair, Callum, and Cashel.

.  .  .  .  .

What names are you loving right now?