Since becoming pregnant with baby number two, I’ve been thinking about what kinds of things are either necessary or just extremely helpful during a pregnancy. If you’re looking to come up with a customized, really thoughtful gift for a close friend upon her first pregnancy, here are some items I think any mama-to-be would love to receive.

1. The number one thing I wish I would have had during my first pregnancy is this book: Breastfeeding Made Simple by Nancy Mohrbacher. I recently checked it out from my local library and read it, and it was such a helpful way to think about breastfeeding and get myself into the right frame of mind to tackle nursing challenges as they come. If only I’d read it when I was pregnant with Little Cotton Candy! I would recommend this book to any mama-to-be who wants to be successful at breastfeeding. It’s full of well researched information that is practical for both working and stay-at-home mamas. (Hat tip to Mrs. Toad who was the first of several people to recommend this book to me!)


2. Every preggo mama could use a comfortable pregnancy pillow—but they don’t come cheap. I went without during my first pregnancy, instead using a hodgepodge of various pillows tucked in between my legs, behind my body, etc. This time, I scooped up a Snoogle body pillow from Buy Buy Baby, but the $60 price tag was quite painful, especially when the cover is sold separately for an additional $40! Luckily, Amazon sells a version for less than half the price for both pillow and cover.



3. It’s true that stretch marks are genetic, but having something to slather on your growing belly feels great and can soothe itching from stretching skin. I know a lot of moms prefer the Honest Company belly balm, but you could also whip up a DIY version if you’re feeling creative (or broke).

belly balm

4. Maternity clothes can be expensive, and for most pregnant women they are a must, as regular clothes eventually stop fitting. If you have any lying around, your bestie will definitely appreciate some hand-me-downs. But also consider purchasing a gift card to Target or Amazon so that she can pick out a few maternity essentials on her own.

5. Another book that comes in handy for new parents is The Sleepeasy Solution by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack. It’s great to get some insight on baby sleep before your little one makes his or her debut, even though sleep training won’t start until a few months after baby is born. Sleep training isn’t right for every family, but this book gives some scientific insight on baby sleep as well as offering gentle, loving solutions to help baby get to sleep easier and sleep for longer.

book 2

6. When you’re being inducted into the world of momhood, I wish it came with a mini guidebook and a backpack (the guidebook for obvious reasons). And the backpack because no matter how cute and sturdy your diaper bag is, there will be times when you wish you had something to strap on both shoulders. I have resisted buying a backpack up until now, but for baby number two, I’m going to purchase this Jansport one. It comes in tons of cute patterns, is affordable, and will fit plenty of diapers, toys, bottles and toddler snacks. Snag one for your BFF and she will be so thankful.


7. And just because it’s fun to buy teeny clothes, I would throw in a baby onesie with a fun design or cute saying. You can easily pick up a pack of blank onesies on Amazon or at Target and add your own design using fabric paint or iron-on letters. Or find a pre-made one, like this adorable “Future Feminist” onesie.

future feminist

I think any expecting mama would be thrilled to get anything from this list. And with Mother’s Day coming up, now is the perfect time to shower your gal pal with love (and presents).


What’s the number one thing that helped you make it through your pregnancy or pregnancies?