My sister-in-law is due with her first baby in early July (it’s a girl!). I am super excited (and a little jealous) for a new baby in the family, as well as the fact that Drake, Juliet, and Fiona will be getting their first cousin. Recently I was told about Noobie Box and decided to get a box (it’s free!) for my SIL as part of her shower gift. It arrived quickly and adorably packaged and with my sister-in-law’s permission I took a peek inside to see what goodies they had sent her.

What’s inside the box

Nutrimom Bar (Lemon Ginger for Morning Sickness), a MAM pacifer, Tulip toothpaste, Avent bottle, Healthy Mama Heartburn Relief, Weleda Baby Derma diaper rash cream, Vita Coco Coconut Oil, and FizzWizz Bottle Cleaning tablets. There were also some various coupons included inside.

I thought the box was neatly presented and the products inside seemed to cover a lot of basics for a new mom. Fiona used MAM pacifiers and I was quite happy with them. I nannied for a baby years ago who used Avent bottles solely, and I found them to be easy to use and not that difficult to clean, which I think is key when it comes to bottles. A lot of times with things like pacis and bottles you have to test out a few until you find the one your child prefers.


Nutrimom bars have quite a few different flavors geared for different pregnancy issues. As it happens my SIL has suffered from bad morning sickness, so she was quite happy to try the bar specifically geared toward morning sickness.

I was intrigued by the FizzWizz bottle cleaning tablets so I went to the website to watch the video of it in action. It seems like a handy product to have when you are out in a park, beach, or another setting where cleaning a bottle might be difficult.

Overall I think this box was a great little surprise for my sister-in-law. It introduced her (and me) to some common and basic needs in the pregnancy to new baby stage. The fact that this box is sent to you for free is a wonderful treat for any new mom!