The transition from 1 to 2 children has been rough! That’s a whole different post on its way! The worst thing about the rough transition is that I’ve noticed myself falling into a rough day hole and not being able to get out of it. Being home all day with young people that offer no major interaction or distraction from what had gotten me into a bad mood, left me trapped in a bad mood. Whether it was trash that didn’t get taken out or children that refused to nap and be quiet, I let the frustration build up and ruin the entire day. I needed to start finding a way to let go of the minor annoyances. Through plenty of trial and error, I’ve found 4 methods that always work for me, hopefully they will work for some of you too!

1) Music: The other day when both kids were driving me bonkers me, I cranked up some Bruno Mars and danced our grumpies out. It’s hard to do something fun when I would have rather worked on the tantrums that were being thrown, but I know that my three-year-old just needs to burn off some energy and I get tired of constantly saying no.

2) Nap: My biggest source of frustration is not getting enough sleep and then not having enough patience due to lack of sleep. I often try to supplement that exhaustion with trying to “rest” watching tv, looking at social media, basically losing myself in a screen. The problem is that in no way actually helps my exhaustion. However if I lay down with my baby and give my toddler the iPad, I can get an actual 20 min nap in. This effectively resets my day, almost as though I’m waking up again for the day once again.

3) To Do List: I am a natural planner and thrive on routine and schedule. When I can sit down for a bit a make a to do list, I feel much much better. I like to put down what I’ve done that day as well as something for us all to look forward to. Bonus: this takes all of 5-10 minutes, make it a rather quick reset.

4) Change Locations: Whether it’s as small as moving rooms or as big as leaving the house and going somewhere, it always makes a difference for me and for the children to get into a different space. Our best method for getting rid of bad moves is moving outside. Everyone does better with fresh air and moving their bodies. Wherever the frustration is occurring, I move away from it and start our day over.

How do you get rid of a bad day? Do you struggle with staying stuck in grumpiness?