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We’re Cloth Diaper Dropouts

All of our cloth diaper stash is currently sitting in a big bag in A’s closet, waiting to be put into storage downstairs just in case. Last week, I finally asked Mac Daddy, “Are we just not cloth diapering anymore?” And his response was yes, and that was fine by me. We cloth diapered M […]

Grandparents & Managing Expectations

Growing up, my husband and I both spent a lot of time with grandparents. Many of my favorite memories are of staying the night at my Grandma’s house, who only lived a few minutes from us. I don’t know that my parents really had many nights “off” where we all stayed with my grandparents, but […]


Impostor Syndrome and Parenting

I have a secret: I am a fraud. From the outside, it looks like my life is organized and I have everything under control. Other parents, friends, family sometimes comment that I’m a great mom. My boss, my colleagues and co-workers often compliment my work. I am asked to speak on certain topics of law, sometimes […]

Fingerprint Portrait Keychain

DIY Father’s Day Fingerprint Portrait Keychain

This Father’s Day, make dad a cute and useful gift that will touch his heart! Each circle on this keychain is one of a kind because they’re made with fingerprints and happy face doodles. Thumbprint and fingerprint doodles like this are reminiscent of some of Ed Emberley’s drawing books, so if you need some inspiration, […]


Safe ways to dye your hair during pregnancy

I have gotten my hair done every 4-5 months for as long as I can remember. Even when I am planning to get pregnant, I have a Hair Plan so that there will be a smooth transition to my next hair phase. For instance, when I knew we were planning for Baby #2, I decided to […]

little cc preschool

Why I’m Glad I’ll Have an “Old” Kindergartner

Little Cotton Candy was born in November 2012, meaning he is a couple months past the cutoff for starting kindergarten this fall. Because he started preschool in the fall of 2015, this means he will have three full years of preschool before entering kindergarten. (Side note: Looks like baby #2 will be following in his […]

hand and face ultrasound

Giving birth: you never know whats going to happen

As it gets closer and closer to baby’s due date, I find myself thinking more and more about labor and delivery. This will be my third birth, so I’ve been through this twice already, but I still have so many questions about what will happen! The thing about birth is every baby is a completely […]

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