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Unexpected Emotions Leading into Sleep Training

I will be the first to admit that crying is not something I handle well. Not to be dramatic or anything (I’m totally being dramatic), but a car ride with 15 minutes of straight purple faced inconsolable crying feels like a piece of my soul is dying. Listening to anyone struggle to put my son […]

See Ya Binky!

You guys! My house is officially bink free! Finally. And the craziest thing is, I didn’t plan anything or have any big ceremonial good bye. Basically this all happened without any of my doing. These kids man… they have their own ideas of how to get through life I guess. LeLe started with a bink […]

When You Decide to Hire a Sleep Coach

When it comes to our journey in parenting, by and large the toughest thing for us has been the baby sleep. W is a baby that will fight sleep like its his sole purpose in life. Unless you hit his magical sweet spot, it can be a very exhausting and loud process. It’s been the […]


Plastic-Free July

Who else grew up with these commercials promoting all the joys and benefits of plastic? Mr. Gumdrop showed me a few of these from his childhood last night and I was laughing but also amazed at how much things have changed since our childhoods. Growing up in Canada, I don’t think we had any organizations […]

The Most Amazing Books Ever: Books With Moving Pictures!

I know, I know, I just did a blog post about books. In fact, it was a post about animal books so it seems a little ridiculous to turn around with another one so quickly. But I was at a work conference yesterday where I snagged a free copy of one of these photicular books and it. […]


What I wish I knew about baby sleep before the baby came

One thing I really wish I had read about before the baby was a book on baby sleep. Not that I believe it would have made things any better really, or changed my obsessive Googling habit of “insert age nap schedule,” but maybe just prepared me for the amount of time I would spend thinking […]

thai shrimp soup

Soup in the Summer? A Few Recipes I’m Digging

Sure, the temps are climbing here in Texas, but the beginning of my third trimester of this pregnancy has me craving soup like nothing else. Luckily, Mr. Cotton Candy will eat soup anytime, so long as it doesn’t have cheese. (Side note: I will never get over the fact that he hates cheese. It just […]

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