Everywhere I look online, there is something about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. If you are a Nordstrom cardholder (credit or debit), you can start shopping now with early access! Otherwise, it’s open to everyone starting 7/21. This is basically Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year. The only problem, if you call it a problem, is most of the items are for the fall season and we’re in the thick of summer right now. For me, this isn’t too much of a problem because my fall/winter/spring wardrobe is by far more necessary than summer – it’s just not that warm for very long here. I know having some fun, new things will be exciting once that cool, fall breeze (and rain) starts up as well.

Here are five things I want to buy for myself, and five things I want to buy for Petit Macaron.

For Me:

Live In High Waist Leggings – Leggings are great for the fall; they are a good season transition pant. You can wear with flats or boots depending on how cold it is. Plus, they are uber comfy and great for chasing your kid around in. I have heard raves about these leggings, so I definitely want a pair!



Electric City Pullover Sweater – I heart sweaters. This one is cute and cozy, so it “calls my name” (as my mom likes to say when we go shopping together).


‘Moonlight’ Short Pajamas – I have a hard time spending tons of money on pajamas knowing my family are the only folks that see them. But these are on sale, sexy yet wear-in-front-of-kids appropriate. Not to mention, I’m in my pajamas a bit more these days now that I’m a stay-at-home mom.


Feathers Underwire Contour Bra – Natoria are great bras and fit perfectly. This one is the perfect blend between fit, flirty, and comfort.


Chuck Taylor® All Star® Shoreline Peached Twill Sneaker – Well gosh, I just bought a pair of these last month. I really like them and think they look great. You should get them!


For Little Dude (18-months):

Tucker Jeans – With all the rough and tumble my tot gets into these days, jeans stand up the best. These will be great for the fall.


Splendid Indigo Hoodie – Sometimes you want a hoodie for your kid that doesn’t have a puppy face on the front. This is a classic look and a brand I might not normally buy because of price, but it’s on sale so…yea!


Chuck Taylor® All Star® ‘Ox’ Sneaker – Yes, dress your kid like you. Hahaha. I love it and it’s not like I can do this for long, so I want to be sneaker buds with my little dude.


Happy Mat Feeding Mat & Hardcover Book Set – My 18-month tot is starting to learn (or at least, I keep hoping) to feed himself a bit better. I think something like this would really help him out.


’12 Sport’ Balance Bike – I think we’re getting close to balance bike time. This bike would really help him develop that coordination and balance.